2nd July 2015

Summer wedding bingo

Heading to a wedding or three this summer? Some of these may feel familiar...

Sweet tooth

Delectable ideas for a hazy summer wedding day - get inspired here...

A-list 'maids

Bridesmaid this summer? Get inspired with these stylish ladies who helped their BFFs up the aisle...

Take it off!

Four times it's perfectly acceptable to remove your engagement ring - happy reading...

Dream destinations: the honeymoon edit

Our A to Z guide to the world's best, most lust-worthy honeymoon locations - happy browsing!

celebrity wedding dresses

175 years of celebrity wedding dresses

From Aishwarya Rai to Princess Zara, this infographic shows the most amazing A-list wedding gowns from the last two centuries...

mistakes brides make

12 mistakes it's easy for every bride to make

From obsessing over weight to trying to box-tick - the 12 things to avoid during your wedding planning

wedding cake surprise centre

Six wedding cakes that hide a secret

Cut into one of these big-day cakes and be prepared for a surprise...

bridesmaid tips

7 things a bridesmaid can do to help the bride

It's far easier to help your BFF as she prepares to get married than you might have thought...

21 thoughts every wedding guest has

21 thoughts every wedding guest has

From the moment they receive the invitation - here's what your wedding guests might just be thinking!

The worst thing a Mother Of The Bride can do is...

The worst thing the mother of the bride or groom can do is...

Five real-life brides and grooms tell all!

wedding cakes that will delight your inner child10 movie-themed wedding cakes that we

10 movie-themed wedding cakes we're crushing on

These cakes will add the perfect finishing touch to any celebration!

Diamond engagement ring tips

How to look after a diamond engagement ring

The traditional rock of choice, here's how to keep your diamond in sparkling condition...

The cost of being a 2015 wedding guest

The cost of being a 2015 wedding guest

A new survey has uncovered the typical amount spent on attending a wedding