9th February 2016

Favours to DIY for

From candles to popcorn, coasters to soap - get inspired with these handmade ideas for your guests...

Reader, I married him

Love books? You'll ADORE these literary-inspired ideas for your wedding day... 

The ultimate to-do list for your Maid of Honour

Get sharing this with your best girl - it's everything she needs to do before your big day!

Ideas for a non-tacky hen do

See ya later, novelty straws, strippers and feather boas. We're all about these ideas instead...

The best A-list engagement ring selfies

Not taken yours yet? Get inspired with the help of our favourite stars...

WATCH: how to sun-strip

WATCH: how to sun-strip

Move over strobing and contouring - this spring is all about the sun-strip!

Romantic pancake day ideas

Romantic ideas for Pancake Day

Sweets for your sweet! Flip a little love with these delectable ideas...

12 no-fuss ways to save for your 2016 wedding

12 no-fuss ways to save for your 2016 wedding day

From simple cutbacks to fast fixes, here's how to get scrimping for your celebration!

classy hen party ideas

12 ways to avoid planning a tacky hen do

Willy straws, strippers, flourscent tutu's...come on girls, it's 2016!

Spring hair trends for brides

12 spring hair trends you could wear as a bride

Regardless of what type of bride you see yourself as (be it traditional, fashion-savvy or alternative) these #SS16 hair trends are worth a gander...

DIY wedding favour ideas that won

DIY wedding favour ideas that won't break the bank

Your guests will love these thoughtful favours - and there are ideas to suit every craft capability!

Real groom perspective: in search of the perfect wedding suit

Real groom perspective: in search of the perfect wedding suit

The reason why this groomzilla feels as though he'll be calling the wedding off? He wants a suit like Jagger!

what not to do as a bridesmaid

10 annoying things bridesmaids do

If you don't want to be the bridesmaid-from-hell, read the following and get on board with what NOT to do!

The most annoying things a bride can say to her bridesmaid

The 10 most irritating things a bride can say to her bridesmaids

"Oh! Didn't I mention before that I wanted you to give a speech...?"