Wedding DIY: floral chair backs

Wedding DIY: floral chair backs

Published 18th Nov 2015Written by Charlotte Page

This petal-pretty idea will add some serious extra 'wow!' to your wedding day...



You will need...

• A selection of seasonal flowers to match your colour theme

• Fishing line

• Sewing needle

• Sharp scissors

• Pair of pliers


1 Decide on your overall design. For a relaxed look, use varying lengths of fishing line. For a more symmetrical look, measure each string of fishing line so that they’re the same length.

2 Cut the stems of your chosen blooms just under the head of the flower. Thread the sewing needle with the fishing line. Thread the individual flowers, pushing the needle up through the stem and out through the centre of the flower.

3 Use pliers to pull the needle out of firmer stemmed flowers. Tie a double knot in the fishing line at the point where you would like the flower to hang.

Once all of your chosen blooms have been threaded, tie your flowery string in a double knot to the top of the chair. Repeat these steps for each string of flowers.

Styling: Steph Turpin at Fairy Nuff Flowers. Photography: Marianne Taylor Photography.

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