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5 couture-worthy bridal shoes no girl could resist

5 couture-worthy bridal shoes no girl could resist

Written by Sarah Tippett

Think you've found your solemate? Think again. We'd be willing to forget the wed-day food for these couture-worthy shoes!


They may be a little over budget (okay, like, A LOT over budget), but a girl can dream can't she? Get ready to embrace five couture-worthy shoes that will leave you wondering if you do really need to eat for the rest of the month, when you could spend your dosh on these beauties...




Luxury shoe brand Casadei has recently released this DREAMY, jewel-encrusted shoe in participation with the project "Tech Dreamers - Inspired by Swarovski" with Swarovski and Luisaviaroma. Not only does the limited edition shoe showcase the brand's iconic 'Blade' steel heel, but they're only available from now until February 28th 2016! *eek!* 

Click here to learn more. 



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#2 Aquazzura

Beloved by the industry, Aquazzura's astonishing nude and crystal-embellished sandals will throw any bride-to-be into a lustful tizzy. They may cost an arm and a leg (£1,020 to be exact) but you know you would wear them FOREVER. 

Click here to discover more. 



#3 Jimmy Choo

If you count yourself as a real-life Cinderella, these insanely beautiful Jimmy Choo's will more than suit. Released in celebration of the recent Disney film, the shoe showcases thousands of Swarovski crystals and a 'crystal cluster' at the toe. They're literally the stuff of dreams (bridal-dreams in particular...)


Click here to find them (as they're only available online to order for a limited time!)  


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#4 Dolce & Gabbana

If you love floral, and you love Dolce & Gabbana, this next pair of couture-worthy shoes are for you. Elegant, romantic and perfect for adding that pop of colour to your big day ensemble, Dolce & Gabbana nail opulence with these towering beauties... 


Click here to fawn further over their beauty. 



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#5 Sophia Webster

The final spot on our list is devoted to these pom pom-adorned delights from Sophia Webster. Known for her fabulously fun shoes, these bridal beauts will look heavenly peeping out from beneath your dress! We also know that a certain Michelle Keegan wore these for her first dance! 


Click here to learn more. 


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