10 annoying things bridesmaids do

10 annoying things bridesmaids do

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If you don't want to be the bridesmaid-from-hell, read the following and get on board with what NOT to do!


#1 Complaining about the bridesmaid dress...

We've all been there: the bride has decided on a puce-pink colour scheme for the wedding, and unfortunately this particular hue makes you look like you're severely ill. But, breathe. Unless it's really bad (like…underwear and a helmet), swallow your disappointment and wear the dress. It's her big day after all (and she'd do the same for you…we hope). 

Just think, you only have to wear it once (and then you can bung it on eBay - hurrah!  

#2 Taking over

You may be used to being the centre of attention, or planning everything, but when it comes to the bride and your accompanying bridesmaids its definitely best to let her (the bride) take centre stage, and plan the hen and other surprises co-operatively with the other maids. Just remember, always be diplomatic. Your blushing bride won't be happy to find you squabbling and hitting each other with your Kate Spade handbags. #justsaying   

#3 Going MIA on the bride

Your bride's a busy lady. Not only is planning a wedding super-stressful, but it's equally infuriating when a bride finds she can't get hold of her bridesmaid. We're not saying you should be answering distraught phone calls about the depth of the cake icing at 2am, just that replying asap will help her, and you organise and plan everything. 


#4 Being late 

Whether you're late for the engagement party, the rehearsal dinner, or, heavens forbid, the actual wedding, you can rest assured that happy bride will quickly become CRAZY, ANGRY BRIDE (the worst type of bride). To avoid her wrath, and to be a good bridesmaid, be on time!  


#5 Drinking too much

Nobody likes a drunk bridesmaid. Especially if you trip over your own feet and land on the un-cut wedding cake. 


#6 Putting in no effort

Don't forget to put in 100% effort and make her day extra special! Even if she is being the bride from HELL, just remember: she's stressed, she's usually pretty level-headed and it's her special day. If you throw a crappy hen party, she won't forget it (and she'll probably organise an equally crappy hen party for you). 


#7 Not listening…

…because YOU WILL regret it when you walk the wrong way down the aisle.  


#8 Being hungover on the actual morning of her wedding day

This will not only make you feel like poop, but your bride too, because it'll look like you don't want to look or feel your best for her big day. 


#9 Being offended if the bride doesn't take your advice 

There's always going to be a lot of opinions thrust the Bride's way before, during and after the day, so don't get to wound up if she doesn't take yours. 


#10 Uploading photos of her on social media 

Before you take to Facebook and post a step-by-step of your friend getting married, ask! She may not appreciated un-edited blurry snaps of her being thrust all over the internet!  


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