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9 ways to up your brow game

9 ways to up your brow game

Written by Sarah Tippett

Want #onfleekbrows? Ya, so do we! Here's 9 top brow-tips to help you get those Cara-like beauts you've always wanted...



She's cool, she's iconic and she's got a pair of eyebrow-framers no girl could resist. Keep to these nine top brow-tips for #onfleek, healthy brows like Cara's...


#1 Keep on top of your eyebrow maintenance...


Brows are BIG, but they're not THAT big. 


#2 Choose the right shade. Too dark? They'll look strangely defined. Too light. What was the point? The general rule is to keep your brows one shade darker than your natural hair colour...


Image source; image source


#3 Don't over-pluck. Luscious shapely eye-brows are in - think Cara, think, Audrey Hepburn, think Kaya Scodelario. 


Image source; image source


#4 Create a brow routine (a browtine) prep and prime them (use an eyeshadow primer if needs be), sculpt and draw/fill in, get blending and finally highlight those arches! 




#5 Find your favourite way to fill in: it's not all about the pencil you know. Try out brow powder, a brow pen and even brow gels. 


 Image source


#6 Stay away from the mirror! Obvs not too far, but about a foot away has proven to be just the right amount. This will provide the best perspective on your brows….the browspective (sorry)...


Image source; image source.  


#7 Pluck your beauts in natural light, not the bathroom light. Seriously, if not, you're asking for a brow-disaster. 



#8 Make sure the pigment intensity is aimed mainly at the arch of the brow. This helps give a more youthful and lifted look to your face. 


#9 Don't freak if your brow symmetry is off. They're not actually meant to be completely the same!


Main image source; image source; image source

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