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Bump-up your bridal beauty game with liquid skincare

Bump-up your bridal beauty game with liquid skincare

Written by Sarah Tippett

What is liquid skincare? The experts at Skinade reveal the easy way to bump-up your beauty game… 




When a wedding's on the horizon, every woman wants to kick-start her skincare and achieve that coveted bridal glow for the big day.


However, with all the planning, decision-making ('help' from the Mother-in-Law) and organising that comes with creating a wedding day, there's not always the time to plan and rethink your skincare. But, panic NOT. That's where Skinade can help!



The UK's leading skincare drink has helped define a new way to look after your skin - from the inside out (and without the hassle!).



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Focusing its effort on increasing awareness around the benefits that liquid supplementation can have on supporting normal skin function and nourishing the skin from within, the message is simple: to do the best for our skin, we must look beyond classic skincare treatments... 



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...and, because it's a drink, you'll be able to multi-task like a bridal machine, nailing skincare and the seating plan in one hit! Especially as, if you were to try to take Skinade’s ingredients in tablet form you’d need to swallow around twenty large tablets daily!


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Not only is this difficult, but the body also finds them tough to digest (not to mention the fact that you don't have enough time in your wedding planning schedule to incorporate this! #busyladyhere). 


Skinade has been precisely formulated with the optimum ratio of liquid to active ingredients including key nutrients, MSM, L-lysine and vitamin C, which are essential for the healthy production of collagen. Skinade’s highly bio-available liquid formula, ensures that the body is able to quickly absorb and make use of them - meaning, you'll be on your way to more beautiful skin in one drink! 


Dr Paul Banwell, a leading plastic and cosmetic surgeon explains: “In my opinion, bright, luminous, healthy skin can be achieved by everyone - just by making some simple lifestyle changes and the evolution of liquid skin supplements is an exciting development within the skin health arena.” 



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Each Skinade bottle is packed with high-quality low-molecular weight marine collagen and essential ‘beauty-ceuticals’, all delivered in a drink to encourage optimal absorption and ensure that the body makes the most of the valuable ingredients.


 “I was sceptical at first,” says Dr Banwell. “However, we trialled Skinade with our patients and have had some astounding results, in terms of improved skin appearance and patient satisfaction.”  


So, just think of Skinade as another bridal tool to add to the prep for your wedding day. It'll sit happily amongst all of the moodboards, table plans, diary dates and contacts that you have scattered over your desk (i.e. your 'bridal workstation')... 




Want to know more? Click here to discover more about Skinade. And, why not check out what happened when we trialled Skinade! Click here


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