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11 reasons to fall in love with the new Charlotte Mills bridal shoe collection

11 reasons to fall in love with the new Charlotte Mills bridal shoe collection

Written by Sarah Tippett

 It's time to get your bridal shoe game on girls! Charlotte Mills' new collection is right on the money for the new season...

#1 Because, regardless of whether you're after something minimal and chic, or cute and pretty, the new collection has something for everyone...*applause*

#2 There's quite a lot of GLITTER involved...#eek NOT to mention co-ordinating accessories

#3 Calling all brides-to-be! If you're coveting the new season strappy and lace-up heels - then Charlotte Mills has the bridal shoes for you! 

#4  If you're after something simple, or something with a hint of vintage, the collection's got it...*fist pump*

#5 If you're looking for a perky POP of colour for beneath your gown how about these GORGEOUS pink Alexis beauties? 

 #6 For the heel-shy, why not try these adorable Blossom bridal flats?

#7 Can't find your perfect Something Blue? Panic not. These pale blue Ana pumps are the BUSINESS... 

#8 Er...super sweet BOW alert!

And, did we mention that all of Charlotte Mills' bridal shoes are hand-finished with a silver sixpence and embossed leather sole, incorporating the phrase: “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” #socute

#9 They're an investment! Not only will you be able to keep them (and their embossed soles and sixpence) forever, but they're so fabulous you'll be able to wear them again with serious style ease...*music to our ears*

Get busy determining which type of heel you'll want to take to the aisle in - will it be glittery gold or silver? Mirrored gold (check out Beatrice below) or a fairytale stiletto? 

#11 Charlotte Mills' new collection is the perfect opportunity to get your stylish T-Bar game on...we adore both the Carmen style (left) and these Blondie Silver beauts (right). 

So, what are you waiting for? For more information and to shop the new collection from Charlotte Mills click here

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