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10 things to do once you've found your wedding dress

10 things to do once you've found your wedding dress

Written by Sarah Tippett

So, you've found The One (in terms of the big day dress), here's what to do next… 









#2 Pass your Mother a box of tissues to mop up the tears/swiftly take your Father to the pub after you've shown him the price. 


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#3 Organise all of your fittings and the final pick-up date with the store/assistant. 


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#4 Begin the task of finding the bridesmaid's dresses - making sure they'll work next to your gown. 


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#5 Start the SHOE-HUNT…keeping the style, length and material of your dress in mind (you don't want the OTT-embellishment on your shoes to snag the material for example). 



#6 Think about your hairstyle. This is all very dependent on the neckline of your dress. High-neck? Opt for an elegant up-do. Jaw-dropping, show-stopping, plunging neckline? Go for cascading curls so it's not too much and the Vicar doesn't faint...


#7 Find the perfect jewellery. Start by thinking about the style of your dress. Is it bohemian? Yes? Then go for something that isn't too bling. Wearing a 1940s inspired short number? Try a pearl necklace and matching bracelet. 


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#8 Avoid prancing about the house in it/answering the door to the postman and your ASOS delivery etc. …before your wedding day. Something WILL happen (tomato ketchup stain/tripping over it and falling into the cat's litter tray). 



#9 Bring your shoes to your dress fittings so that you can make sure your gown is the correct length. 


Shoes: Charlotte Mills




10 things to do once you've found your wedding dress what to do after you've found your wedding dress

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