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WEDDING talks to Jessica Wright about her glossy new shoe collection

WEDDING talks to Jessica Wright about her glossy new shoe collection

Written by Sarah Tippett

At Jessica Wright Footwear's latest shoe collection launch, we grabbed five minutes with the designer herself...





Jessica Wright debuted her latest shoe collection for her brand, Jessica Wright Footwear at Vanilla London last week, and WEDDING was there to get all the details on the new, fabulous array of shoes (with glitter soles #eek!) that are coming your way! 


P.s. Check out the amazing flower wall! #want 




#1 When it came to designing the shoe collection did you feel influenced by the trends?

'I literally designed the line from my pure heart. So, whatever shoes I love to wear - I made them wearable. I designed them with inspiration from other designer shoes, from magazines, from the trends, but then I wanted to make them wearable for all kinds of occasions - so like, work, parties, weddings, christenings, daytime. And, everything is designed from scratch by me. There's no point doing a shoe collection that you're passionate about if it's nothing to do with you.' 




#2 If you were getting married which shoe would you wear from the collection?

'So, I actually have just sent a pair of the ivory lace peeptoes (pictured above) to a friend of mine who is getting married - she's wearing them on her wedding day! And, for Michelle and Mark's wedding the bridesmaids wore that shoe! They were so comfortable, they were high, as the dresses were really long - the height was perfect.' 




#3 What shoe would you put your bridesmaids in if you were getting married?

'The same [as mentioned above] or the Alaska (pictured above left).'




#4 What made you decide on the glitter sole?

'I wanted a signature part of the shoe, that people would be like: that's Jess Wright's shoe. And, I love the fact that Loub's have got the red sole. So, I was like I love glitter, I love pink, it's all about me - I NEED to do a glitter sole. I made sure all the inner soles are cushioned so they're really comfortable.' 



#5 Final question: If your wardrobe was burning down and you had only five seconds to save three things, what would you save?

'This question gives me anxiety! Oh my God. I actually can't even cope. I mean, I'd probably save a pair of my designer shoes and two pairs of my own shoes that I love. But, then I feel like I can get my shoes anyway because they're mine. So, it depends. I've got a beautiful coat: a Burberry mac and also a pair of my pink Amarale shoes (pictured below right) as they're sold out in my size from my range.' 




Discover more about Jessica Wright Footwear here

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