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Nicki Macfarlane's top tips on how to dress your page boys

Nicki Macfarlane's top tips on how to dress your page boys

Written by Katie Byrne

Dressing the miniature man in your life isn't always easy, so why not start with these top tips from the award-winning Nicki Macfarlane… 





#1 Pick something he'll recognise...


'From our experience little boys dislike anything that makes them feel trussed up, or any garment that they don’t recognise. For instance, you might have some difficulty getting them into little breeches with tights, and heavily buckled shoes can also be a bit of a lottery.' 




#2 Keep it simple! 


'French shorts, full or three-quarter length trousers all work well with a silk open-neck shirt and a cummerbund, perfect if you're aiming for smart and relaxed. 


Little boys will like this look too as it’s not getting them too dressed up and will keep them feeling comfortable. I rather like to roll the shirt sleeves up a little, but that may be a step too far for some. You could add a silk waistcoat (not done up) or a smart little military jacket if a more formal look is required.' 




#3 Comfort is key…


'Make sure that the trousers in particular have room for an expanding waistline post-tea. At Nicki Macfarlane we always make our trousers with an adjustable waistband.' 




#4 Opt for laid-back…


'Bare legs with Converse or loafers makes a formal outfit look a bit more laid-back and is ideal for pageboys who’ll be on their feet all day.' 




#5 Don't stress! 


'If you achieve keeping small boys clean and shirts tucked-in for at least long enough to walk up the aisle and, as a bonus, for the pictures, you have done very well! They are boys after all, so it's best not to stress about them getting into a mess – it’s part of their charm!' 



#6 The Jack Sparrow line...


'Lastly, if all else fails when persuading a little page boy to wear his outfit try telling him that he looks just like Jack Sparrow – it usually does the trick! And never, ever, use the words ‘pink’ or ‘cute’!' 



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