How to use the Wedding Flower Finder

How to use the Wedding Flower Finder

Published 10th JanuaryWritten by Katie Byrne

Browse 100s of ideas and locate the wedding blooms of your dreams with our clever search engine!

Flowers are one of the key components of a wedding. From the bride's bouquet to the groom's and ushers' buttonholes, from the decorations at the ceremony venue to the beautiful blooms adorning the reception space... They're endlessly involved in nuptials across the globe, and there are infinite ideas for including them in your big day, regardless of theme, colourscheme or - gulp - budget.

Start using the Wedding Flower Finder here!

As you may or may not know, our sister title, Wedding Flowers & Accessories magazine offers dozens of such ideas in each every issue (download the latest issue here), tasking the UK's best florists with creating truly unique designs and ideas for weddings. Each issue features ideas for bouquets, tablecentres, buttonholes, venue decorations, floral accessories, finishing touches... And more! 

Wedding Flower Finder

We've gathered together all the ideas from previous issues of the magazine to bring you the Wedding Flower Finder: an easy-to-use, no-fuss search engine that will help you find your wedding flowers in just a few clicks.

Search by colour, type of flower, arrangement, wedding theme - or, if you're feeling lucky, explore the random assortment that will display each time on the home page!

3 ways to get the most from the Wedding Flower Finder...

#1 Use the search options to browse ideas

As basic as it sounds, using the search tools is the best place to begin when browsing for your dream blooms. Got a colourscheme in mind, or a specific flower you'd like to use? Select them from the drop-down menus or type in keywords to pull up the results most relevant to you within seconds. Alternatively, if you want to find ideas for a specific item - such as your bouquet, or your tablecentres - search by 'type', and if you're tying the knot at a specific time of year, you might want to use the 'Season' option to search for the perfect fleurs for you. 

Wedding Flower Finder


#2 Save ideas you love to your collection

Once you've created a collection - whether it's of one idea you love for your bouquet or of multiple ideas that match different elements of your celebration - you can click on to it and either print out your blooms (#moodboard) or forward them on to your partner and bridal party with the share link. It really is that easy. It also makes sharing your ideas with your florist a whole lot simpler, too!

Wedding Flower Finder

#3 Keep an open mind


Yes, you might have had your heart set on that bouquet you spotted on Pinterest - but chances are flowers you spy via Instagram or Pinterest might not be in-season for your celebration, or affordably available in the UK. As with everything, keep an open mind; you might be surprised by which arrangements catch your eye.

Sound good? Start using the Wedding Flower Finder here.

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