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3 things to bring with you when you go wedding dress shopping

3 things to bring with you when you go wedding dress shopping

Written by Katie Byrne

Start the search for your dream bridal gown with these pointers...


#1 The right people

This is so, so important. Rather than bringing a crowd of bridesmaids and family members, instead pick two or three key people, whose opinions you trust and who you can rely on to not make you feel flustered or stressed. If you're worried about not including all your aunties, or all your best friends, rota it (oh - the glamour!); bring along three to your first visit, a different three to your next visit and so on.

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The only constant figure you'll probably want there is your mum - and besides, your nearest and dearest won't necessarily have the time or desire to want to attend every boutique visit. 

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#2 Sensible underwear

Lay the right foundations! Now's not the time for your favourite neon thong, or that cute balcony bra with the rose-studded straps: instead, think practical and comfortable. Save the sexy stuff for the wedding night...!

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#3 An estimate of your wedding shoes

And we say it like that because, chances are you haven't already bought your wedding shoes. However, you might have an idea of the kind of thing you want to wear, whether it be heels or flats, so bring along your favourite pair so you can get a rough idea of how the dresses you try will look.

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