Are these the unluckiest wedding dates?

Written by Katie Byrne, published 15th february

New research has revealed the 'worst' wedding dates for couples to tie the knot on.

According to the study, which saw scientists at the University of Melbourne quiz one million couples, there are a key number of 'unlucky' dates for couples to marry on, with the days the most likely for marriages to end in divorce.

Dates with special numerical signficance - such as 8/8/88 or 04/05/06 - were found to be likely to hint at divorce.

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Valentine's Day unions also have a high split-rate, with 11% of those married on February 14 splitting before they reached their five-year wedding anniversary.

Of course, the research doesn't take into account other factors that could cause discord within a marriage - but it makes for some interesting food for thought regardless!

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