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7 lovely ways to involve your dog in your wedding

7 lovely ways to involve your dog in your wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

Got your heart set on including your dog in your wedding day? Nope, you're not barking mad - and yes, it can be done!


#1 First of all: make sure they're suitably attired for the occasion

Whether it's a Yorkie in a tiny tux or a Labrador adorned with a wreath of flowers - there are endless ways to transform your dog from pet to guest of honour. Just make sure they're comfortable - if they're sneezing or scratching or struggling to walk comfortably, remove their accessories ASAP.

Research reveals half of Brits include their pets in their wedding days

#2 Get them to walk down the aisle with you

Once they've accompanied you to the altar, make sure your beloved pooch has a priority seat in the front row (or by your feet). 

Image: M&J Photography; see the rest of Emma and Jordan's wedding here.

#3 Or alternatively, pair them up with your bridal party

Imagine the 'aw' factor of your dog walking down the aisle alongside your flower girls. We. Can't. Even.

Image: Lacie Hansen

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#4 Enlist them as ring bearer

Because there's arguably nothing more adorable than the sight of a four-legged friend presenting the bride and groom with their wedding bands! See how one real-life couple turned the moment into a hilarious video opportunity here.

Images: source and

#5 Involve them in your wedding photos

Because, obviously

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#6 Get them to film your wedding

No, really. Here's how this couple did it.

#7 Include them in your custom-made cake-topper

You come as a pack - so if you're having a unique topper created for your wedding cake, make sure they're included in it!

pets at weddingsImage source; Lesley Meredith Photography; image source.

Oh, and of course...

Make sure you enlist the help of a (reliable) member of your bridal party to keep a close eye on your dog. You don't want him or her to eat something it shouldn't, or wander off and get lost. 

Images: Adeline & Grace Photography and Anna K Photography.


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