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5 details your wedding guests need to know ASAP

Written by Katie Byrne, published 24th february

Other than the obvious, these are the essentials you should get covered with your invitations!

#1 If children are allowed

Let people know this ASAP; this will give them longer to make childcare arrangements. If you want to make sure your guests have as much time as possible - or are worried about potential outrage - you might want to consider texting them in advance of your invites going out, just to give them a head's up. 

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#2 If there's a plus-one option

Single guests will want to know if they can bring someone along with them - make this clear either in the phrasing of your invite or by adding '+1' to the invitation.

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#3 If there's a dresscode or theme

Because nobody wants to be that guest who turns up dressed 'sensibly' while everyone else is busy embracing the Great Gatsby dresscode. Awks.

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#4 If the bar is cash-only

If your venue doesn't offer the option for guests to pay on card, they'll need to bring plenty of cash with them - unless, of course, they fancy a trek to the nearest cashpoint...

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#5 Details for afterwards

We're talking a phone number for the local taxi company, or recommendations for nearby accommodation - especially if you're tying the knot somewhere away from home. It might sound simple enough and yes, it's the kind of information guests can easily find for themselves, but it's a show of good-will that might tempt your guests to celebrate with you for longer!

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