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4 super-simple ways to add the ultimate personal touch to your wedding

Written by Katie Byrne, published 20th mar 2017

(Painting optional, naturally)

#1 Recruit the services of super-talented family and friends to add their talents to your celebration

That musically-inclined sibling could sing whilst you sign the wedding register, your Great British Bake-Off-obsessed cousin could create your wedding cake, whilst your online-savvy best friend could get the ball rolling with a wedsite or hashtag for your celebration. 

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#2 Table talk

On the back of every place setting, write a personal memory that you or your groom has of that friend or family member. Nostalgic and thoughtful, as well as an ice-breaker for your guests - what's not to adore?

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#3 Have a photo wall

Decorae an area of your wedding reception with pictures of you and your groom growing up. It will make a great talking point - who doesn't love a baby photo?

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#4 Create your own playlist

It sounds basic but it really can make a difference to your dancefloor. Ask your guests to each provide a song they'd love included when they return their RSVPs - an easy-peasy way to guarantee a packed dancefloor all night long.

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