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10 things you didn't know about peonies

10 things you didn't know about peonies

Written by Laura Atri

With peak peony season upon us, we’ve found the best ideas (and fun facts!) for these gorgeous blooms


There are actually 30 different types of peonies.

The UK peony season runs from late April to early July, although French and Dutch peonies are widely available all year round.

Dress your cake with silk or sugar flowers, as real peonies are not always safe to eat!

Peonies were originally harvested in Asia and throughout Europe for their medicinal qualities(believed to help with headaches and asthma).

A peony is said to represent wealth and honour, as well as embodying romance and love – it is regarded as the omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.

Did you know that the peony comes in every colour apart from blue?

Although they first arrived in Japan during the 8th century, peonies have been grown in China from as early as 1000BC.

Heads up: peonies are traditionally used for celebrating the 12th wedding anniversary – so don't forget!

The Chinese word for peony is sho yu, which translates literally as the "most beautiful". We're not surprised!

The most popular pink variety of the peony is the ‘Sarah Bernhardt’, named after the famous French actress. Featuring pale pink frilly heads, delicate layers and a sweet scent, brides flock to this bloom year after year!


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