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7 things to do with your wedding dress after the big day

7 things to do with your wedding dress after the big day

Written by Katie Byrne

Not sure what to do with your wedding dress after you've said 'I do'? We've found some rather lovely ideas...


#1 Put it in storage

If you’re undecided with what to do with your wedding dress after you get married, take it to the dry cleaners and then find somewhere safe and dry to store it. You might not have space in your wardrobe, so if you have to store it in a loft or basement, make sure it’s securely placed away.

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#2 Display it

Some brides choose to turn their precious gowns into works of art - as in, literally frame them! If you have a suitable space to display your dress - and can face seeing it every day - look into framing options online.

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#3 Incorporate it into your day-to-day wardrobe

Picked a slinky gown or flirty cocktail-style frock that could totally be reworn again? Do it! If white is not your usual colour, you might want to consider having it professionally dyed.

Alternatively: love that jewelled belt? Remove it and pair it with your favourite tea dress. Loved the lace on your sleeves? Add a swatch to your favourite T-shirt. Also, some brides turn to professionals to turn their gowns into post-wedding lingerie.

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#4 Donate it to charity

There are endless causes out there that would love to receive your gown - do some research, pick your favourite and pass it on.

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#5 Save it for a future generation

Follow in the lead of this bride and her 116-year-old wedding dress by keeping your gown in the family...

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#6 Trash it

Tired of pristine white? Bored of flawless ivory? Book a trash-the-dress shoot - from mud to sea water, paint to fire, there are endless artistic ways to bid bon voyage to your gown.

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#7 Add it to your fancy dress wardrobe

And don’t even try to act like you don’t have one - hello, instant (and awesome) Halloween costume.

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