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10 things to definitely NOT do in the week before your wedding

10 things to definitely NOT do in the week before your wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

Spare yourself a headache and any last-minute drama by swerving these in the final countdown to your big day...


Convince yourself you absolutely need to lose 3lb.

Nope, you're perfect as you are - and throwing yourself into an intense Boot Camp-style diet and fitness regime in the final days before your wedding is probably the last thing you and your health need.

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Decide to try a new facial at the local beauty salon.

It might well come with rave reviews - but do you want to risk a last-minute breakout or allergic reaction? We didn't think so. Save it for after the big day, or book one well in advance of your wedding (we're talking four weeks, minimum). 

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Scour Pinterest for last-minute ideas.

Tumbling down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest will ultimately always end in one thing: discovering more ideas you'd never considered before, and absolutely need to include. Avoid any decoration #FOMO by steering clear. 

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Panicking your guests won't actually turn up.

Unless you're very, very unlucky - like this couple - your wedding guests will turn up. If there are any last-minute drop-outs, you'll be too busy having an amazing day to notice. 

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Stress out about details beyond your control.

As much as you might want it to, refreshing the BBC Weather website every five minutes really doesn't effect the likelihood of sunshine or showers on your wedding day.

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Decide you don’t need to have an umbrella on your wedding day as it probably won’t rain.

Whilst your optimism is admirable you don't want to jinx yourself, do you?

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Forget to brief your wedding party on timings for the big day.

Let them know where they need to be, and when, in advance. This way, there'll be no frantic 'where are you?' calls on the wedding morning. 

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Set yourself a last-minute DIY mission.

Deciding, with 72 hours to go, that you want to handstitch your love story on a hessian tablerunner is probably a little fool-hardy. Just saying, of course - and if you manage it, we'd love to see pics!

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Google ‘worst thing that ever happened at a wedding’.

...Because filling your head with horror stories about brawling in-laws, ceremony objectors and ripped wedding dresses will not put your mind at ease, believe it or not.

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