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Don't throw your wedding bouquet - keep it!

Don't throw your wedding bouquet - keep it!

Written by Katie Byrne

Catherine from Precious Petals, the flower preservation centre, shares her advice for making your wedding flowers last beyond the big day

Nothing can beat the beauty and fragrance that fresh flowers bring to your wedding day. To be able to keep those flowers for years to come for you and your family to enjoy can be a wonderful way of capturing memories from your big day.

So rather than letting your bridal bouquet wither and die after your wedding day, why not seek out the professionals who can transform your flowers into a beautiful keepsake for you to treasure for years to come?

Techniques for preserving flowers have become increasingly sophisticated over the years and it is important that you choose a company to preserve your flowers who know what to do with your blooms to get the very best results. Flowers should be preserved individually and once preserved carefully secured to last long term. There are no short-cuts in this highly specialised service and you need to be sure that whoever carries out this work for you will take care to hand-preserve your flowers as perfectly as possible.

At Precious Petals, we offer both modern three-dimensional preservation or more traditional pressing services, so we can be sure to provide the very best technique for whatever variety flowers you choose to have in your bouquet.

Colour me pretty

Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lilies and orchids, to name just a few varieties of flower, will all preserve beautifully: their colours will often deepen and take on a whole new beauty for you to cherish.

Protect your blooms

It is often on your wedding day when you first see your flowers that you fall in love with them and realise that you would like to have them preserved. We can arrange to have them collected free of charge from any address in the UK: all you need to do is keep the flowers cool and dry. Hand-tied bouquets can be placed in water to rehydrate them but do not spray the flowers with water. Do not freeze your flowers, this can be disastrous.

Involve your groom

It can be a lovely idea to include your husband's buttonhole within the display and we do not charge any extra for this so please just send it along. Wedding invitations, brooches and other mementos can also be included. Don't forget your mums and the other special people who are involved in your wedding day. Having their corsages preserved is a gorgeous way of thanking them for all their hard work - or why not just give them a single preserved flower, carefully framed with a photograph from your wedding day as a truly unique gift?

It's all in the presentation

Once the flowers have been preserved, they can be presented in a number of different ways. By far the most popular method is as a framed picture, which means the flowers are protected by conservation glass. Frames are handmade by our master picture framer and we have a lovely selection of frames on offer, including vintage finishes and more modern designs. Glass cloches and cubes are also popular, or we can present individual flowers in paperweights which make lovely presents to thank your bridesmaids with.

You've got time to decide

Booking in advance of your wedding or civil ceremony can often mean that there are special offers to take advantage of but flowers can be preserved upto seven days after a wedding, meaning last-minute enquires are always welcomed.

Call Precious Petals 01256 882422 or please see our website 

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