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Wedding DIY: glitter-dipped cake decorations

Wedding DIY: glitter-dipped cake decorations

Written by Katie Byrne

Add a deliciously alternative twist to your wedding cake with this pretty decor idea...


Most Curious, the wedding show for the style-savvy couple, is taking over the Truman Brewery on London’s Brick Lane with over 100 fashion, fun and design-led wedding exhibitors, on the 7-8 March.

There’s even the Cereal Killer Cafe providing the in-house cafe, as well as live music and exciting fashion shows throughout the day, showcasing the biggest trends of 2015 and beyond to celebrate the suppliers with their fingers on the pulse and creativity in their hearts - just like the couples who will come to meet them! There’s even a few spaces left for exhibitors too if you fancy it!

One such amazing exhibitor is East London based Little Bear Cakery, who is well known for her trend-led and ever chic and boundary pushing wedding cakes. Most Curious love her so much, they commissioned one of her creations for the Spring 2015 campaign images, by Laura McCluskey.

Clare’s here with a tutorial for her super sweet Gold Dipped feathers - feathered cakes are definitely a signature look she has pioneered! These silky-soft, glittery beauties can have a 101 uses at the chicest of weddings - from inclusions in the bouquet and headwear to place settings.

As well as a ring from indie jewellery brand Eclectic Eccentricity, make up treats from Benefit, a glass of bubbly from Barefoot wines, Most Curious VIP ticket holders will receive their very own white feather from Little Bear Cakery with a link to this tutorial, in order to test out the tutorial at home! Most Curious VIP tickets are only available online so, make sure you book in advance to go VIP!

Now, we hand over to Clare!

You will need...

- Feathers – I find goose feathers are a good choice and are widely available online and from craft shops

- PVA glue

- Paintbrush

- Glitter: preferably a non-toxic variety such as Rainbow Dust

- Scrap paper

1) Begin by dipping the paintbrush in a small amount of PVA glue and apply a thin coating to the tip of the feather. The easiest way to do this is to lay the feather flat on a scrap piece of paper and starting from around 3cm from the tip of the feather, gently brush towards the tip. Continue to brush gently in the same direction until you have a very thin even coating.

2) Lift the feather from the scrap paper and transfer to a clean piece of paper. Lay the feather flat again and sprinkle over enough glitter to cover the glue area.

3) Once sufficiently covered, carefully lift the feather, shake off the excess glitter and transfer to another clean piece of paper to dry.

4) Once dried you can either leave it as it is or repeat the process on the other side.

Tip! As long as you work neatly and do not apply too much glue, your feather shouldn’t stick to the paper when drying. Working on clean paper when sprinkling the glitter will make it easier to collect the glitter to reuse it. Simply, pick up the paper and carefully bend it to funnel the glitter back into the pot.

Visit between 7-8 March. 

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