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The pre-wedding bucket list

The pre-wedding bucket list

Written by Katie Byrne

15 things for you and your partner to do before you say 'I do'...


#1 Serious stuff out of the way first: set up a joint savings account. 

Because, y'know, money. Whether you want to save for your wedding, your home, your future in general - you're not going to be do it without dollar! 

#2 Take as many opportunities as possible to travel.

Seize the moment and explore! Whether it's visiting a friend on the other side of the country, taking a spontaneous trip on the Eurostar or booking a surprise weekend away - do it, do it, do it! 

#3 Spend a whole weekend together without technology.

Yup: no Twitter, no Daily Mail and no Clash Of Clans. Can you do it...? 

#4 Write each other a love letter.

Get romantic! Click here for our top tips.

#5 Take this quiz.

Wine optional.

#6 Throw a Come Dine With Me-style series of dinner parties with your best friends.

Food + friends = a recipe for some fabulous evenings. Also, it's a great way to break the ice between members of your bridal party who haven't met before.

#7 Start a new hobby together: learning a language, joining a sports club...

Because stimulated minds are happy minds.

#8 Tell each other something you've never told anyone else.

It's thrilling to share a secret - especially with the person you trust more than anyone else in the whole world.

#9 Re-enact your first date.

Just for funsies - re-visit the location, re-wear the outfits (if you can remember them!) and relive the awkwardness in glorious Technicolor.

#10 Buy each other a once-in-a-lifetime present.

A crazy-expensive watch, a painting you've always dreamed of owning, a dream one-off holiday... Splash out. (The savings account you set up at #1 will make this feel a lot more bearable.)

#11 Create a signature cocktail that belongs to just you two.

Get really good at making it and you can then serve it to guests at your wedding reception. 

#12 Make an Ultimate Movie List.

Each pick five key movies that mean a lot to you and spend a long weekend watching them together. Also works with books and albums. 

#13 Have sex somewhere other than the bedroom, for a whole month. (Or at least a week!)

We dare you! Spice things up by trying something new: in the kitchen, on the stairs, in the car... 

#14 Get to know each other's families.

We're not saying call each other's parents 'mum' and 'dad' - cringe - but get to know them properly. Go out for drinks and work past the layer of formality that couple's typically have for each other's folks.  

#15 Make a post-wedding day bucket list.

For after the big day. Think of all the adventures that are still yet to come! 

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