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Nine lies TV and movies tell us about weddings

Nine lies TV and movies tell us about weddings

Written by Katie Byrne

Who says your wedding isn't the perfect chance to resolve your paternity issues via song...?



#1 Bridesmaid dresses are always - always - horrendous, especially when matched with a bonnet and matching parasol. But it's cool, because they'll make great additions to your wardrobe. (27 Dresses)

#2 If you and your BFF are both engaged, you'll almost certainly end up getting married on the same day. (Bride Wars)


#3 Going to the wedding of your ex? You'll almost certainly end up on-stage, giving a horribly embarrassing speech. It's inevitable: you might as well start writing it now. (The Mindy Project)

#4 Your wedding reception is the perfect opportunity to sort out your paternity issues, preferably via song. (Mamma Mia)

#5 Bridesmaid beef = impossible to avoid. (Bridesmaids)

#6 There's no set-up more romantic than marrying so the bride or groom can stay in the country. (The Proposal)

#7 Making a wedding video where you focus only on the bride is totally cool. Well, so long as no one wants to watch the video, of course. Also, newly-wed brides are best seduced on doorsteps. (Love, Actually)


#8 The forest - teaming with vampires and werewolves - makes the perfect setting for any wedding. Duh. (Twilight)

#9 Married life = the perfect opportunity to become amateur sleuths. (The Simpsons)