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The thirty before 30 challenge - how many have you ticked off?

The thirty before 30 challenge - how many have you ticked off?

Written by Katie Byrne

The team at share their pre-turning-30 bucket list...

Time has a funny habit of flying by - meaning the hopes and dreams you had for your 20s can all too easily slip through the net. However, is here to help.

The online diamond retailer has put together their ultimate thirty-before-30 bucket list for women across the UK - thirty crazy, funny and wonderful targets for every woman to have a go at. Simply read the list below, keep count of how many you've done and then scroll down to see what your answer says about you. Easy!

Plus, if you’re over 30, or a long way away from it, you can still take the test and see which rites of passage you have - or haven't yet - undergone: happy reading!

Take the ‘Thirty Before 30’ list challenge now - how many do you tick off?

Before the age of 30, I have...

#1 Owned diamond earrings.

#2 Attended a festival.

#3 Flown business class.

#4 Owned a pair of designer shoes.

#5 Owned a designer handbag.

#6 Received a promotion at work.

#7 Been a bridesmaid.

#8 Attempted a fad diet.

#9 Stayed in a hostel.

#10 Stayed in a five-star hotel.

#11 Visited one of the seven wonders of the world.

#12 Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

#13 Received a free upgrade on a flight.

#14 Tried crowd-surfing.

#15 Lied about your age on a date.

#16 Done the whole ‘Ibiza’ thing.

#17 Committed to a serious charity fundraiser, such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

#18 Travelled on the back of a motorbike.

#19 Owned something that's just yours, such as a house, car or even just a dog.

#20 Seen what life is like with an entirely different hair colour.

#21 Been skinny-dipping.

#22 Sorted out a pension.

#23 Spent every penny in your bank account.

#24 Tried again with an ex.

#25 Learnt another language.

#26 Woken up with absolutely no memory of the night before.

#27 Considered trying online dating.

#28 Mastered fake tan.

#29 Done a ‘Bridget Jones’ and sat on the sofa eating chocolate watching your favourite rom-coms.

#30 Got engaged to the love of your life.

And the results...

If you ticked 26-30 items

Wow - you’ve really been there and done it! Congratulations, you’re fully qualified to enter your 30s. Life’s been generous to you: you’ve learned many valuable lessons, made great friends and lived and loved enough to enter your thirties as a wise, fulfilled and gloriously happy person!

If you ticked 21-25 items

You’re obviously a person who loves living and enjoying life to the fullest. If you carry on like this, you’ll have many wonderful life experiences and beautiful memories to take with you to your 30s.

If you ticked 16-20 items

Well done, you’re halfway there. Now comes the really fun part, where you can start planning your next adventure, party, gig or massive all-girls shopping trip! For some extra motivation, bookmark this webpage and keep checking those items off as you approach your thirties.

If you ticked 11-15 items

OK, it’s definitely time to ramp up your life and undergo the ‘thirty before 30’ challenge: pick 10 items from the list right now, write them down, and set dates for doing them asap. Trust us, you don’t want to get to your thirties and look back thinking you wasted all that time, energy and youth!

If you ticked 1-10 items

Uh-oh! Have you been hiding in a cave recently? Or maybe you’re just a long way off turning 30? Either way, you should definitely print this list and start checking things off it right now - we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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