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19 super-thoughtful ways to personalise your wedding day

19 super-thoughtful ways to personalise your wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne

Add an extra twist of character to your celebration with these gorgeous ideas...


#1 Concoct customised cocktails to serve guests when they arrive at the reception

Try some of our favourite recipes here!

#2 Add a throwback reference to your proposal

It might be a detail that ties in with the location of your proposal, or a colourscheme that ties in with your engagement ring... Get creative! 

#3 Create a truly unique guest-book option for your guests.

For example, Tasha and Niall decided to put together a vintage-postcard guestbook for their guests to sign - how fabulous? See the rest of their day here

#4 Display old family wedding photos - for example, pictures of your parents and grandparents on their wedding days.

See how Maria and Corey did it here.

#5 Spell out your names in lights! 

Lightbulb initials can look super-striking - as Anwen and Myrddin's celebration showcases perfectly.

#6 A customised road sign will point your guests in the right direction on their way to your reception...

Your guests will love it - and it will make a gorgeous souvenir of your celebration after the big day, too! 

Available to buy here.

#7 Personalised socks = the best

This was something WEDDING Fashion Editor Sarah's groom Tom decided to rock on his wedding day; as she explains: "Tom is a sail-maker and spends most of his life on boats, so he wore one red sock which represents ‘port’, and one green sock for ‘starboard'". See their full wedding day here!

#8 Create a hashtag for your guests to use during and after the celebration. 

Follow in the lead of Jennifer and Seth by displaying it clearly - keep it simple so there's no room for spelling mistakes!

#9 This = a brilliant idea for your younger wedding guests.

Available to buy here.

#10 Personalised wedding bunting can act as a timeline of your love story.

Available to buy here.

#11 Theme your reception tables around key events or themes that are central to both of your lives.

Image source.

#12 Work with your entertainment - whether it's a DJ or a band - to create a playlist of tracks that are meaningful to your relationship.

Or at least, meaningful to your ability to do some serious body-popping. 

#13 Include your pets!

Because what would your wedding day be without your faithful four-legged friend?


Image source.

#14 Create super-personalised place-settings for your guests.

Image source.

#15 Guests + a Polaroid = your very own wedding photo wall

Liz and Chris did just that - and it looked fabulous!

#16 Make like Charlotte and Harry and pick a quirky backdrop for your wedding photos.

#17 It won't strictly be visible (unless you decide to show it off!) but this is still a gorgeous idea for your big day: sew your wedding date into your dress! 

Image source.

#18 A super-personalised cake topper = a must.

Available to buy here.

#19 Sing your first dance song yourself! 

Real bride Vicky explains: "For our first dance song, I recorded a cover of our song, Always by Bon Jovi. For a my birthday a year earlier, Trev had bought me a course of singing lessons. For a couple of weeks leading up to the wedding, I worked with the singing teacher and a friend of Trev's to record my own version with a piano and guitar backing. Trev couldn’t believe it was me!"

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