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33 easy ways to cut down on the cost of your wedding day

33 easy ways to cut down on the cost of your wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne

Ready, steady, save! No-brainer ideas to slash the cost of your celebration...

Create a video save-the-date for your guests - and with the help of Vine and Instagram, you don't need to be a filming pro to make it! Not only is it fun, it's also free, making it more cost-efficient than paper save-the-dates.

Start saving for your day ASAP. It might be something as small as cutting down on your daily coffee habit but it will make a difference - putting the physical cash into a jar or piggy bank will help keep you motivated as well.

Pick an unusual day of the week to marry. We're looking at you, Wednesday...

Equally, marry off-season. Prime wedding season is April to September, so book your big day around those months to save yourself a fortune.

Keep your eyes peeled for sales on your favourite websites: you can save a fortune on the cost of your jewellery, accessories and bridal party outfits with some savvy sale shopping!

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Beware of all hidden extras. Ask your venue early what their costs are for corkage/cloakroom usage/storage/cake-cutting/etc - that way you'll avoid being stung by any unexpected surprises.

Also, pick a venue that doesn't have preferred suppliers. Having the option to pick who you want to provide the details of your day will mean you can pick vendors within your price bracket.

Drive to your venue in a friend's car, rather than hiring a car especially for the occasion.


Choose paper napkins instead of linen napkins. No one will notice the difference - other than your bank account!

Equally, holding your wedding reception at a fabulous restaurant could potentially be a lot cheaper than holding it a typical venue.

If you're a green-fingered goddess, why not consider growing your own wedding flowers?

If you're really not a green-fingered goddess, pick in-season flowers for your day in order to minimise costs.

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Think outside the box for your tablecentres: candle arrangements, sweet trees... Get creative! 


Ask your friends to help you with your hair and make-up, instead of hiring professionals. Have a trial session or two at your local department store and ask a beauty-boff buddy to help you recreate the look. Likewise with your hair, create a Pinterest board of ideas and ask a hair-savvy chum to help you out.

Opt for white wine instead of champagne: not only is it cheaper, it's more popular!


Consider a buffet instead of a full-on sit-down meal. This works particularly nicely for summer weddings, where you can give it an afternoon tea/picnic vibe.

Look to the high street for your bridesmaid outfits. BHS, Monsoon and Debenhams all have gorgeous gowns ready and waiting for your girls to discover, whilst online retailers such as ASOS and Little Mistress offer affordable alternatives that they can wear again after the big day.

Decorate your own wedding cake. Buy a plain bridal bake - talk to a local cake-maker or pay a visit to Marks & Spencer, Waitrose or other high street sellers - and enlist the services of a brilliant friend to transform it into a wow-worthy show-stopper for your reception.


Avoid rushing into big decisions. Committing to decorations you don't like or a theme your OH can't stand will just mean extra, unnecessary expense to correct the mistake. 

Use cheap mirrors and candles to add depth, warmth and decoration to a winter wedding.

Equally, pick a fabulous venue that needs very little in the way of decoration.

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Scan charity shops for finishing details for your day - vintage crockery, second-hand decorations and so on. Also, many nationwide charities now offer wedding favours, so consider this in place of a traditional favour.

Create your own photobooth instead of hiring one; investigate your options online, as there are plenty of ways to do it without breaking the bank.

Use paper instead of flowers. For your tablecentres or for a striking background for your photos; paper blooms are far cheaper than their real-life equivalents!

That said, don't DIY everything. You could potentially end up spending a small fortune on materials and might end up need to buy spares or replacements if you're unable to transform them into what you want! 

If you're quite chilled about the entertainment for your day, why not ask a friend to DJ? All they'll need is speakers and a Spotify account - just brief them on any no-nos beforehand...


Or alternatively, enlist the services of a local college to provide musical entertainment for your evening.

Use bigger tables at your reception - this will reduce the number of tables you need, meaning you won't need as much in the way of settings and decorations.

Have a clear idea of what you do and don't want from your day. This will stop you from splurging unnecessarily - as well as help you to come up with a plan for keeping costs low on what you do want.

Don't be afraid to barter. Also, shop around; instead of committing to one supplier straightaway, speak to others to get comparative price points.

Opt for a programme-style chalkboard at the entrance of your venue, rather than providing every single guest with a paper print-out. 

Ask recently-married friends and family for their recommendations and tips. Also, read reviews of brands and products online, in order to avoid having to double-spend.

Consider wedding insurance: hopefully you won't need it but if you do, it'll help you avoid a costly (and nasty!) surprise.

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