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How Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright picked their wedding flowers

How Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright picked their wedding flowers

Written by Katie Byrne

We talk to the team at Interflora, who created the fantasy florals that adorned the couple's celebration...


It was always going to be a glamorous affair: the bride is famed for her beauty as much as her acting career, and posters of the groom are hung on the walls of teenage girls. Former Coronation Street and TOWIE stars Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright tied the knot at St Mary's Church in Bury St Edmonds, with a lavish reception held at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk, on May 24 2015.

The bespoke floral designs made exclusively by Interflora decorated the venues, outfits and even the wedding cake. Sixteen different varieties of flowers and plants were used and were created by a team of expert florists - and we've got the low-down from Interflora on how MarChelle achieved their dream day.

How did you first get in touch with Mark and Michelle?

We worked with Mark as part of our partnership with the ITV programme Surprise Surprise in 2014. Our Head of Product Development and lead designer Karen Barnes was invited to meet with Mark and Michelle at the end of 2014 to discuss ideas and the planning went from there.

Karen and Michelle


How did they choose the flowers they wanted?  

Mark and Michelle were very keen to have all white flowers. They went for white hydrangeas, delphiniums, double lisianthus, roses, lilies, carnations and gypsophila as the key flowers. Hydrangeas are one of Michelle's favourite flowers, so she chose them for her bridal bouquet.

Karen suggested lisianthus interspersed to add texture and to like to the groom and groomsmen’s buttonholes. To tie in with Michelle’s bouquet, the bridesmaids carried bouquets of hydrangea and gypsophila, with matching gypsophila in their hair.

Did you see Michelle's dress for inspiration?

We didn’t see Michelle’s dress before the big day, but she was very clear on the style and overall look she wanted to achieve for the wedding.

What was your brief? 

The couple gave us the brief of Hollywood Glamour and brilliant white, with touches of sparkle. They also wanted lots of voluptuous flowers, with statement pieces.

Who came up with the idea for the floral archway and the trees in the church?

The floral archway was Michelle's idea. After viewing the venue with the couple, Karen knew that the best place to have it was around the entrance of the chapel on th grounds.

The flower trees in the church were Karen's idea. The church has incredible height and Karen could visualise how fantastic the flower trees would look running down the aisle. Adding teardrop pew ends and varying sized lanterns in between finished off the lookand created the all-important wow factor. 

Is there any particular meaning to the flowers the couple chose? What is the symbolism of each one?

The flowers selected were chosen for their colour and form, rather than their meaning. It is said that the meanings for the key flowers are as follows...

Hydrangea – Thank you for understanding

Delphinium – Big hearted

White Rose – Purity, innocence

Lisianthus – Charm

Carnation – Devotion

Lily – Honour

Gypsophila – Pure of heart

Did the couple have much knowledge of flowers previously?

Michelle’s love of flowers was clear from the outset, but we hope that working alongside Karen has broadened her understanding and she has learnt more about varieties, names and specifics.

How many people worked on the wedding flowers?

There was a team of 12 people, seven of whom were the core team of expert florists led by Karen. They spent more than 70 hours prepping, arranging and displaying the flowers. Bit of trivia here - more than 13,000 individual stems were used.

Have you noticed any trends in particular?

Brides are starting to move away from the vintage theme and more towards bold and vibrant colour choices, often with single colour flowers like Mark and Michelle.

What will be popular with brides in 2016?

We've noticed a rise in popularity for single, statement colours. There is also more demand for adornments like crystals, diamante and pearls. Foliage and fresh herbs with few or no flowers is also a theme that is becoming popular with brides. The teardrop shaped and cascading bouquets are also poised to make a comeback.

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