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12 no-fuss ways to save for your wedding day

12 no-fuss ways to save for your wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne

From simple cutbacks to fast fixes, here's how to get scrimping for your celebration!


#1 Cut-out that morning coffee

You might not be able to function without your skinny moccha-ccino (extra hot) but your bank account is more than happy to! Instead of stopping off for coffee every morning, invest in a flask and some decent coffee, and start making your own instead.

#2 Stop non-essential shopping 

Popping to the shops on your lunchbreak or at the weekend is great - if you can resist your urges to spend. If you can't, find something else to occupy your time - download a podcast and go for a walk, join a local fitness group or read a book. 

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#3 Browse thrift shops, auctions and boot sales for bargains

You might be surprised by what you find! However, be discerning: as cute as that almost-certainly 'vintage' looking glass would be for your dessert table, it will probably cost more to restore it than it would to buy new.

#4 Sell unwanted clutter online

Ship your CDs and DVDs off to Music Magpie, pop your hoard of good-condition Stephen Hawking novels on eBay and get rid of old furniture via community-centred Facebook pasges. 

#5 Cut down your drinking

Not only will you spend less but your body will notice the benefits - clearer skin, a flatter tummy and more money? What's not to love!?

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#6 Cancel those unwanted subscriptions

To the gym, to that monthly beauty box service you're no longer bothered about, to that magazine you never quite get round to reading... Ditch 'em all!

#7 Look out for online-only offers on social media

Your favourite brands might share discount codes and exclusive web-only savings across their social channels. Keep your eyes peeled and also visit discount websites such as Groupon to see what offers are available for you to make the most of.

#8 Bring your own lunch to work

Also, plan dinner in advance so you don't find yourself tempted by the thought of an impromptu supermarket dash at the end end of the day.

#9 Remember end dates on any trials you sign up for

If you sign up to any one-month taster trials, remember to cancel them (unless you don't want to, duh). If you don't, you'll find yourself having to fork out at least once for a service you don't want or need - pointless.

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#10 Look after the pennies...

Collect old change in a piggy bank so it doesn't go to waste. It all adds up, and could make a nice little contribution towards your wedding day! 

#11 Avoid splurging on beauty products you don't need

Obviously some things will need replacing, but if you already have a sizeable collection of lipstick, nail varnish and eyeshadows, you probably don't need anymore! Instead of forking out every time one catches your eye, try having a rummage round at home and see what you already own instead.

#12 Trade nights out for nights in

It doesn't have to be boring! Invite your friends over and ask them to BYOB. If you still want to go out-out, home-made cocktails beforehand will mean you can have fun on the dancefloor without having to have spent a fortune on drinks at the bar! 

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