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27 ideas for a Kardashian-inspired wedding

27 ideas for a Kardashian-inspired wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

One of the millions obsessed with Kim and the fam? Turn your celebration into a Kelebration (still works...) with these ideas inspired by the TV show... 


As we all know, the Kardashian clan are pros are throwing a fabulous party - and if you love their style, there are many ways you can incorporate it into your wedding day.

No, you might not have a film crew on-site (though if you're hiring a videographer for the day, that totally still counts), and no, you might not have Scott Disick on-hand to deliver what we imagine would be the best Best Man speech ever - but even so. Here's what you totally can do. Enjoy! 

First of all, pick a wedding gown with a seriously statement (think: long) veil. 

Image source.

It will add a demure touch to a racy wedding dress - as well as making the perfect accessory for coquettish over-the-shoulder photos like this.

Image source.

Perfect for showing off your #kurves? A slinky fishtail, like the one Khloe wore when she tied the knot with Lamar Odom way back in 2009.

Think multiple hen dos. Kim and her girls celebrated at a Paris-themed bridal shower at home in Beverly Hills - before heading to Paris itself for a night-before wedding party.

(Also, make sure Instagram it every step of the way, too.)


Image: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Next: the beauty. With the Kardashians, it's all about the contour - so whether you're DIYing yourself or asking your make-up artist to give your cheekbones to die for, make sure you have a trial-run beforehand.

Image source.

Get your glow on, girls!

Image source; image source; image source.

Also: if there's one thing Kim K does well, it's hair.

Whether it's a slicked back updo, or old-school curls, those locks are always #onfleek. 

Kim at (from left to right) her wedding to Kris Humphries; at her marriage to Kanye; at a red carpet event


Presumably you'll have set aside a chunk of budget for your very own statement flower; Kim and Kanye reportedly spent $136,000 on theirs. If that's a bit out of your price range, consider one of these budget-friendly options instead.

Image: Instagram/Kim Kardashian.

If you're having an indoor reception, take inspiration from Kim and the gang's love of crisp, blousy blooms - think white roses, lilies and pops of foliage. Also, spray-painted trees = #onfleek.


Also, look to Khloe's 2015 Thanksgiving party for further petal-pretty ideas - again, crisp blooms, partnered with sleek and sophisticated vases and urns. Oh, and lots of candles.


Drape floral garlands everywhere. Spoiler: faux-flowers might be cheaper...

Image source.

On to the bridal shower! Obviously, this will be more of a surprise for you, with your bridesmaids organising it - but there's no harm in giving them a few subtle pointers, is there?

Think luxe, lovely and intimate: there's no room for L-plates and inappropriate straws here, ladies. 

Kim's shower had a Paris theme (later on, the ladies flew to Paris for her hen night), with favours including teeny-tiny chocolate Eiffel Towers. Guests also enjoyed posing in a photobooth, which produced pics with a super-sweet KimYe watermark. 

Now let's talk bridesmaids. No matter if you don't have half-a-dozen sisters who you can rely on to walk you up the aisle, you can still look to the Kardashians for some style inspiration for your girls.

Think varying styles and shades on the same colour palette - or, for the ultimate in bridal, dress them in whit, as Kim did at her wedding to Kris Humphries. 


For added Kardashian points, get Kanye to give your maids a pre-wedding pep-talk, as well.

We guarantee they'll all be riveted.

Hire Lana Del Rey to sing at your pre-wedding dinner, or at the reception. Because obviously.

Okay, she might be a bit out of most people's budgets but the point still stands: fabulous entertainment = a fabulous celebration. Employ the services of a talented friend or local band to add extra meaning. 

Image: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

To the reception! Khloe Kardashian recently revealed Kanye gave a 45-minute speech when he and Kim tied the knot. Forty-five minutes! 

No pressure, guys. She also revealed that she wanted to give a Maid of Honour speech but was asked not to, owing to her tendency to 'ramble'. If you want your MOH to deliver a speech at your reception, make sure you give her a suitable heads-up - and if there are any topics you want her to avoid, let her know that, too!

One thing's for sure: the Kardashians love a good photobooth.

Think outside the box with your booth: arm your guests with props, faux frames and a host of extras in order to guarantee some amazing pictures. Click here for some truly brilliant ideas!

And obviously for the ultimate in wedding day style - matchy-matchy Mr & Mrs accessories are a must.

And if you happen to wearing the 'Married' jacket when you're out and about without your partner, the customised jacket also acts as a subtle hint towards your marital status for anyone nearby. Handy! 

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