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How-to: rainbow contour with Airbase Make-up

How-to: rainbow contour with Airbase Make-up

Written by Sarah Tippett

 The new beauty trend the industry loves...


We love a good contour, so we were itching to try the new beauty trend: rainbow contouring that's sweeping the scene. That's right ladies, it's time to paint your face with multiple colours! Make-up brand Airbase takes us through it, step-by-step. All you need is: your face (obvs), Airbase's Corrector Palette, blush, foundation, matte powder, make-up brushes, a beauty blender and a mirror to admire your work! Happy contouring! 


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#1 Apply a primer onto clean skin.


#2 Conceal using the lightest shade from the Airbase Corrector Palette under the eyes, across forehead, sides of the chin and down the nose. 


#3 Contour using the darkest shade from the Airbase Concealer Palette under cheek bones, around the sides of the forehead, temples, along jawline, under bottom lip, down the sides of the nose.



#4 Apply pink concealer or a blush to the ‘apples' of the cheeks, and just under the eyes. 


#5 Apply the ‘Lilac’ shade from the Airbase Corrector Palette, along the top half of the cheeks. Apply the ‘Green’ shade from the Airbase Corrector Palette to the centre area of the cheeks.


#6 Gently ‘press in’ and soften edges to all of the shades, over the entire face with a blending sponge.



#7 Use a ‘stippling’ brush in a circular motion to continue blending the concealer in over the entire face.


#8 Use a selected Airbase Foundation to lightly touch up any areas needed.


#9 Using a mattifying powder, such as Airbase Micro Finish Powder in Matte and press over the entire face using a soft powder puff.


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