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20 genius hacks every bride needs when planning her wedding

20 genius hacks every bride needs when planning her wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

Make your planning a piece of (wedding) cake with these invaluable tips and tricks...


#1 Set up a wedding-only email address

Not only will this make communicating with your suppliers a whole lot easier, it will also mean your personal or work email account is spared an influx of wed-spam. Make sure your partner also has the log-in deets, so they're able to use it as well - meaning everything is in one place. Easy peasy.

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#2 If you don't already have it, install Pinterest on your phone

If your moodboarding MORE THAN LIFE right now, it will make your pinning addiction a lot easier to sustain (e.g. when you're on the train/in the bath/out for dinner...). Plus, it will make showing said-moodboards to your florist/cake-maker/and so on a lot easier. 

#3 Set yourself limits with everything ASAP

We're talking budget, guest-list size, honeymoon prices... A combination of realistic and strict from the off-set will mean there's no scope for disappointment or crushed dreams when you realise that three-day destination wedding in Monaco with a Lady Gaga performance is slightly out of your price bracket. 

#4 If you want to save £££, keep an open mind

You might turn your nose up at the thought of buying second-hand - but a quick visit to eBay or your local charity shop could help you find all sorts of treasures for decorating your day - at a fraction of the cost you'd have paid otherwise. 

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#5 Need to re-open a wedding invite envelope? Here's how (without having to bin it and start over!)

Pop your envelope in a freezer bag and leave to chill for two hours. You should then be able to slide it open - go slow and steady in order to avoid tearing. The perfect crime...

#6 Code your RSVP cards

This will make sorting meal preferences, table plan options and - OH! - everything a lot simpler. 

Image source.

#7 Use Post-It notes to make organising your table plan a breeze

This will allow you flexibility to keep moving people around with ease.

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#8 Don't limit yourself with your gift-list

If you already live together, you probably won't want a traditional guest-list. If you're all saucepan'd out, look for a honeymoon-themed gift-list or experience-led options instead. 

#9 Including an RSVP envelope with your wedding invite? Invest in a personalised address stamp to spare yourself some serious handache

This one from, for example.

#10 Enlist a seamstress to sew your bra into your (strapless) wedding dress

This'll avoid any peekaboo moments with your lingerie on the big day.

#11 Notify your bank ASAP

If you're anticipating high-value withdrawals in quick succession, let them know - otherwise, there's a chance they might think there's fraudulent activity taking place and your account will be frozen.

#12 Summer wedding? Opt for Orders of Service that can double-up as fans

Your guests will thank you. 

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#13 Asked a friend to be your DJ?

Arm them with a pre-made Spotify playlist or two in order to guarantee there are no awkward 'WTF-this-isn't-our-first-dance-song' moments.

#14 An easy way to get your guests sharing their photos from your wedding day? A hashtag!

If you're having a hashtag (tips for how here), make it clear and put it everywhere: on your invites, on the Order of Service, on your photobooth and on especially-made signs. Which leads us neatly to...

Image source.

#15 Check with your venue in advance if WiFi is available

If it is, make sure the password is easily available to your guests. If it isn't decide if you want to buy access for the day.

#16 Veil weights are your friend

Especially if you're preparing to say 'I do' outdoors! They'll stop unexpected guests from whipping your veil back and forth (we couldn't resist)

#17 Similarly, heel protectors will save you from an awkward 'stuck in the mud' moment

They're genius, promise. We've got six other hacks, just for your wedding shoes, right here!

Image source.

#16 Got a static issue with your wedding dress on the big day?

Easy: run a metal clothes hanger over it and it will be removed in a flash.

#19 Does the though of 'red wine teeth' make you panic?

Have a swig of carbonated water inbetween each mouthful of wine to keep the dreaded staining at bay. Similarly

#20 Buy copies of your wedding certificate ASAP

You'll need them for any name changes you want to make - for example, your driving license. Click here for all the people you'll need to notify about your name change.

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