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10 hacks for stress-free honeymoon planning

10 hacks for stress-free honeymoon planning

Written by Katie Byrne

Make organising your dream honeymoon a breeze with the help of these need-to-know tips from KAYAK


Get your name right

Make sure when travelling that the name on your passport and travel documents matches the name on your booking, to avoid last-minute stress. HM Passport Office can issue a British Passport in your new name, up to three months before the ceremony. HM Passport Office will cancel your old passport, and postdate your new passport in your new name, making it valid from the date of your ceremony. Application and guidance forms can be found here.

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Ask your wedding guests to contribute

With couples more frequently living together before getting married, the traditional gift list is increasingly becoming redundant. So why not ask your guests to contribute to your flights, your hotel or any other activities you’d like to do on your honeymoon, such as spa treatments, a nice meal out or an excursion.

Get your timing right

You may want to go away straight after your wedding, but if this happens to be during the school holidays, the same destination could be more expensive – so you might be able to save a lot of money by being flexible by just a few weeks. During the school holidays many resorts can be overrun with families, so an adults-only hotel may help create a more romantic vibe. You can also save hundreds by booking your honeymoon at the correct time. 

Go where the pound is the strongest

To get more bang-for-your-buck, think about travelling to countries where the pound is strongest. The pound is an advantage in some long haul and romantic destinations like Japan, Brazil, South Africa or Mexico.

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If you want to avoid the crowds

Why not consider making your honeymoon even more special by going somewhere different to everyone else. The Maldives and Seychelles are always popular choices – so you could choose a destination which will offer a truly unique experience, such as Patagonia. You’ll avoid spending your time with countless other newlyweds and have a much more authentic experience.

Give yourself a rest day

Many couples choose to go on honeymoon the day after their wedding. But travelling with a hangover is never a fun experience - so this is best avoided if you are planning on drinking during your big day. A spa day can be the perfect way to recover from the party and feel prepared for the travels ahead.

Getting married abroad?

If you're planning a destination wedding, you’ll likely have a lot of luggage to take with you, not least the dress and suit. Family and guests are often happy to share the load, so why not ask them to take a few items for you in their luggage to lighten your own.

Get upgraded on your flight

Airlines will sometimes offer free upgrades where space allows and you can help maximise your chances of bagging one. First, arrive early to check in and make sure to mention you are on your honeymoon – or even politely enquire about the chance of an upgrade. Dressing relatively smartly can also help - if you like to fly in comfy loungewear, pop it in your hand luggage and change on the flight.

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Treat yourself during the flight

If you can’t afford expensive tickets or don’t get an upgrade at the check-in desk, there are still some nice services on offer by airlines. Air France for instance serves free champagne in economy class, while SWISS allows you to pay and book online for a special surprise - chocolates or champagne, you can choose both.

Get a room upgrade

When booking or checking into your hotel make it very clear you are on your honeymoon and you never know what might happen. Many hotels will make a real effort to make your stay special and you may find it leads to anything from a bottle of champagne to a free spa treatment or even a room upgrade. It’s worth employing the same strategy in restaurants as sometimes a free drink or dessert may appear.

Get email price alerts

Sites such as will send email alerts when a flight you are interested in drops in price - ensuring you can get the best price possible on your honeymoon flight.

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