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The ultimate bridesmaid to-do list

The ultimate bridesmaid to-do list

Written by Katie Byrne

Make sure you forward this over to your bridesmaids before your big day!


Your style

- Make sure you know if the bride will be paying for your dress, or if you will

- As soon as you have a colourscheme from the bride, start looking around for ideas

- If the bride presents you with an option that isn't necessarily your style, keep an open mind until you've tried it on

- Break in new shoes before the W-day

- If you're buying new shoes, break them in before the big day

- Plan in advance any appointments/treatments you want to organise, whether it's a fake tan, facial or a head of highlights

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The wedding planning

- Liaise with the bridesmaids to plan meet-ups and get-togethers

- Try and be as flexible as possible when it comes to meetings and attending appointments or get-togethers...

- ...And be upfront if you're not able to attend one (rather than flaking out at the last minute!)

- If you're craft-capable, offer to help the bride out with any handmade projects she might have ahead of the big day

- Practice walking down the aisle! (Even if the aisle is just your hallway at home - no judgement here.)

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The hen party

- If you can't go, let the organiser know ASAP

- Be prompt with any payments

- If you have a limited budget, let the organiser know as soon as you can

- Make an effort to get to know any bridesmaids you haven't met before

- If you're travelling somewhere for the hen, prepare a couple of fun games for the journey

- If needs be, book it off work as soon as the dates are confirmed 

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The wedding day

- Eat breakfast! A long day loom aheads and you'll be starving otherwise

- Arrive punctually at the bride's home/getting-ready-venue

- Charge your phone

- Make sure the bride has a glass of bubbly (but also make sure she drinks water too - there's nothing worse than a W-day tension headache)

- If needs be, be prepared to take the bride's bouquet at the altar 

- Keep an eye on the page boy and flower girl during the ceremony

- Have tissues and make-up touch-ups for the bride in your clutch

- Remember to drink lots of water in order to spare yourself a hangover the following day

- Help organise people for the professional photos

- Call for silence if required when the speeches are about to begin

- Be prepared to blush when you receive your gift from the bride and groom

- Encourage guests to get involved with any extras, such as a photobooth

- Be ready to (try!) and catch the bride's bouquet

- Take to the dancefloor as soon as the first dance is over...

- ...And get other guests on the dancefloor, too!

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And in general...

- Be there for the bride as much as you can

- Make an effort to get to know the other bridesmaids

- Respond to any messages from the bride ASAP

- Be a point of support for both the bride and groom

- Have fun!

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