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9 thoughts every bride has the day after her wedding

9 thoughts every bride has the day after her wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

You're married! So here's what might be on your mind now...


#1 Oooh. Time for our first-ever morning as man and wife.

Nope: the novelty of labelling every experience as your 'first-as-man-and-wife' won't get old anytime soon. 


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#2 I want presents!

One simple rule for your wedding gift opening: make a list of who gave you what as you open each gift. It will make composing your thank-you notes a whole lot easier if you do it as and when rather thant trying to remember whether it was Auntie Hilda or Cousin Lydia who gifted you the set of slotted serving spoons...

#3 I need breakfast. Like, five minutes ago.

Let's be honest: a combination of excitement and nerves probably means you didn't eat a lot yesterday. Make your first breakfast as newlyweds something memorable: why not tuck into cake and champagne left-over from yesterday's celebrating? 

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#4 OMG. I'm so tired.

The emotional toll that a wedding can have on a bride or groom is HUGE. Think about it: all the build-up of the last 18 months or so has finally paid off, in what has been, arguably, the biggest day of your whole life. Plus, chances are you've been partying into the small hours with your new husband and all your family and friends. So no, it's not a surprise that you want to crawl back into bed for 10 minutes/years. 

#5 Oh wow: people actually used our hashtag.

Don't be surprised - you did ask them to, after all! Have a casual browse on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and see all the fun your guests had - whilst your professional photos will be beautiful, the candid snaps taken by your friends and family will add a whole extra dimension of fond reminiscing when you look back on your celebration. 

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#6 Er so - what's an acceptable period of time before I update my Facebook?

Short of updating your relationship status on FB the moment you've exchanged your vows, there's no such thing as right or wrong! 

#7"Ugh: time to clear up." 

What goes up, must come down... Depending on your time frame, your reception venue might have already been cleared up (by a combination of family/friends and staff). However, if you've held your celebration at home or at a friend's property, you'll probably have a little more flexibility with your timings.



On the note of clearing up: if you've hired or rented any decorations or props, you'll need to return them within a certain amount of time (typically anywhere between 24 and 48 hours). If you're not sure, check with your suppliers; if you know what's what, see if you might be able to enlist the help of your bridesmaids to make sure things are collected or despatched as required. Make a list in advance of everything that needs returning, so you can make sure everything is present and correct!

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#8 How did THAT happen to my wedding dress?

You were busy having such a good time yesterday you didn't even notice that muddy hand print from your baby nephew on the skirt of your dress. And as for that red wine spillage on the neckline - eek! Don't panic: now's the time to pack your dress off to the dry-cleaners and work out how you want to store it. 

#9 Okay: so what do I do with my life now?

You've spent months and months planning the day of both your dreams - and now it's done! Set yourself some new projects and goals to focus on to help you fill the void you might have afterwards. 


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