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13 ways to cut the cost of your wedding (by £1,000s!)

13 ways to cut the cost of your wedding (by £1,000s!)

Written by Katie Byrne

No - really! These genius tips and ideas will help you cut your wedding budget drastically... 



The team at Promotional Codes share their tips for sticking to a tight wedding budget - prepare to save those precious pennies with the help of these ideas! 



Your wedding dress

Average cost: £1,378

Budget cost: £150

If your dress is something you’re happy to cut back on, there are a few things you can do to save money. There are an increasing number of high street stores with their own wedding dress range starting from around £150. Or alternatively if you are willing to go second-hand, some charity shops have some amazing wedding dresses.

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Your reception venue

Average cost: £3,919

Budget cost: £300

If you’re happy with something a little more low-key, why not have your reception at your local? Village halls are also becoming an increasingly popular choice, with some charging as little as £4 an hour.

Your wedding catering

Average cost: £3,959

Budget cost: £650

Try to think beyond chicken and fish for your catering. Hog roasts are always a hit if you get lots of great sides, sauces and salads. Try having your wedding later in the day too so you only have to feed your guests once as opposed to lunch and dinner.

Your wedding photography

Average cost: £1,046

Budget cost: FREE

With the rise of Instagram there are more and more budding amateur photographers out there so why not ask a friend or reach out on social media? They might even do it for free or at least for a fraction of the cost of a normal photographer. (However - this is super-risky so if you don't trust the ability of your relative/friend, stick with the professionals!)

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Your wedding flowers

Average cost: £638

Budget cost: £20

Try experimenting with paper flowers, buttons bouquets or felt florals. You can make all of them yourself and you’ll be able to keep them afterwards as a memento. Alternatively ask a green-fingered friend to put you together some beautiful posies from their garden.

Your wedding cake

Average cost: £300

Budget cost: £100

Instead of shelling out on a cake from a top end bakery, why not ask a family friend to do it for you? They know you better so will come up with something perfect for you and your other half. Offer to pay for the ingredients and their time though – a wedding cake isn’t a quick job.

Your save-the-dates and invites

Average cost: £271

Budget cost: £110

If you have an artistic flair or a friend does, do a design yourself then take it to your local printers to have them done up nicely. Or alternatively, make them yourself. Get a gaggle of friends to help along a few bottles of wine to keep the production line going.

Your wedding veil

Average cost: £138

Budget cost: FREE

This could be an excellent time to exercise the old ‘something borrowed” adage. Ask if a friend or relative would mind lending their veil to you for the big day.

Your bridesmaid dresses

Average cost: £436

Budget cost: £50

It’s time to hit the high street for some simple dresses that won’t break the bank then have fun with accessories. Tie a pretty ribbon round the bust or add some lace trimmings.

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Your groom's outfit

Average cost: £439

Budget cost: £150

Get a suit instead of a tuxedo, they can look just as handsome but will cost a lot less. Renting can also end up being more expensive than buying as well. Remember, you can resell afterwards.

Your bridal hair and make-up

Average cost: £301

Budget cost: FREE

Unless you are desperate for it, you don’t have to have a make up artist and stylist for your big day. Do the make up and hair yourself or ask one of your bridesmaids to do it for that pampered feeling.

Your wedding rings

Average cost: £809

Budget cost: FREE

If you don’t want to fork out lots for your wedding ring, try going vintage or aske for some hand-me-down family heirlooms. You might unearth some gems.

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Your honeymoon

Average cost: £4,413

Budget cost: £1,500

Check out what discount codes you can get online and you’d be surprised at how much you could save. Also try and stay close to home, the money you save on travel you can put towards a nicer hotel room.

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