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9 quick-fix items every bride needs on her wedding day

9 quick-fix items every bride needs on her wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne

Avoid any last-minute getting ready disasters on your wedding morning by having these close to hand! 


#1 The situation: you've just noticed a stray thread on your wedding dress.

Make sure you have: scissors! 

You might have checked your dress the previous night but you can almost guarantee a straggly thread will have slipped your notice. Don't pull it off - instead, trim it and avoid a nightmare unravelling situation. 

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#2 The situation: it's a humid day and you're not convinced your chic chignon will be quite so sleek by the time you've said your vows.

Make sure you have: hair spray!

If you're not having your hair styled by a professional, make sure you have a bottle of hair spray to-hand in order to lock-down wispy strands, plus add some extra shine, too. 

#3 The situation: that braid looks beautiful tucked behind your ear - but will it stay in place?

Make sure you have: bobby pins! 

Just in case any braids or knots are threatening to fall out - make sure you have a fresh packet, as you just know you won't be able to find any otherwise.

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#4 The situation: warning - headache approaching...

Make sure you have: Paracetamol!

Tension and over-excitement can lead to pre-wedding headaches - an accessory a bride really doesn't need! Make sure you keep hydrated and pop a couple of pain-killers if you can feel something creeping in. 

#5 The situation: your V-neck wedding gown felt edgy and cool the last time you tried it on - but today you're terrified you'll have a mishap. Not. Ideal.

Make sure you have: fashion tape!

...Especially if you're wearing a strapless or quirkily-cut dress that might mean you have to go sans bra. Essential! 

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#6 The situation: your ivory heels are threatening to get seriously stuck-in-the-mud after an over-night downpour. 

Make sure you have: heel protectors!

These are especially essential if you'll be posing for photos on grassy areas. These are ideal! 

#7 The situation: those grey clouds look decidedly stormy...

Make sure you have: an umbrella!

Don't be fooled by blue skies on your wedding morning! Even if scorching sun is predicted all-day long, make sure you have a brolly just in case. (In fact, if scorching sun is predicted all-day long, you might want to invest in a cute lace parasol anyway!) 

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#8 The situation: that fresh spring breeze is all well and good - but your skirt keeps blowing up and you just got a mouthful of veil...

Make sure you have: skirt and veil weights!

Check out and have a look on Google for the perfect option for your dress. (FYI, the Queen swears by weights to keep her skirts in place!) 

#9 The situation: you're feeling paranoid your pristine white dress won't be quite so pristine by the time you make it down the aisle.

Make sure you have: a cover-up you don't mind getting grubby!

Think an old pashmina or a cheap throw you can use to keep your gown pristine for any make-up touch-ups, pre-wedding snacks and so on. Plus, it will help if you find yourself accidentally doing #4 here

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