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10 brilliantly fun ideas for your wedding

10 brilliantly fun ideas for your wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

Add some serious quirky-cool to your wedding plans with these sweet suggestions...


Instead of sending a standard RSVP card, make it more personal 

Follow the lead of this real-life couple by keeping things truthful (read: hilarious) when it comes to your RSVP card.


Instead of throwing your bouquet... Cut the ribbon!

This is such a sweet idea - attach ribbons to the stem of your bouquet. Hold it above your head and let each woman grab a ribbon; closing your eyes, use scissors to cut each ribbon until there's only one left. The holder of the complete ribbon gets the bouquet!

Photography: Lisa Dawn

Instead of standard tissues... Consider personalised napkins and hankies (no, really!)

Dabbing watering eyes - you're not crying, it's hayfever! - has never been more chic.

Customised napkins from Etsy; image source.

Instead of a guestbook... Ask your guests to help you create a piece of art! 

Think signed Jenga blocks arranged into a sculpture; a colourful thumb print tree; or our favourite - a splash zone painting*! 

Image source; image source.

See the rest of Caroline and Garry's wedding here; photography: Paul Andrews.

*Thinking 'WTF is that?' In a nutshell: balloons filled with different paints are positioned in front of a canvas. Guests are asked to throw darts to create a truly unique work of art!

Instead of seeing each other for the first time at the altar... Have a first-look session!

Intimate, emotional and the perfect opportunity to celebrate your soon-to-be newlywed status - plus, it can help keep waiting times down for guests later on, by getting a lot of the photos out of the way early on.

See the rest of Kathleen and Robert's wedding here; photography: Marion Heurteboust 

Instead of stunning floral arrangements... Make your tablecentres edible! 

Think chocolate roses, fruity displays and tempting treats piled high. 

Image source; image source; image source.

Instead of checking your pets into daycare... Get them involved in your celebration! 

Because you love them and they're a huge part of your lives. So why wouldn't they be there? Task one of your bridal party with looking after any four-legged friends - keeping pets away from the canapes might be a mission - and have a plan for what will happen to them once the reception begins: will they go home? Are they allowed to stay overnight at your venue? And so on. 

Image source; image source; bandana available to buy here

Instead of arming your guests with disposable cameras... Give 'em selfie sticks!

Arm guests with a hashtag to group all the pics together online. 

Image source.


Instead of giving your guests favours... Give 'em IOUs!

This can be a fun opportunity to arrange some meet-ups with your guests after the wedding (for example: you could give some guests an invite to dinner round yours; others, a batch of your famous home-made flapjacks; and so on). 

Image source.

Instead of sore feet on the dancefloor... Arm your guests with flip-flops!

Because it's almost impossible to pull off the perfect Grease-inspired dance-off between your girls and your groom's guys with sore feet - are we right?

Image source.

Cute sign not so much a need as a must

Sign available to buy here.

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