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10 signs wedding planning might have taken over your life

10 signs wedding planning might have taken over your life

Written by Katie Byrne

Er - sound familiar, anyone? You might be surprised how many of these you can relate to...


#1 You turn down non-wedding plans in favour of - duh - wedding-related stuff 

Would you like to meet your old school friend for coffee, or join your colleagues for a team-building paintballing sesh one evening after work? Er - no. That table plan won't reorganise itself four times on its own, will it?   

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#2 You have burning opinions about swan-versus-lotus napkin arrangements - you just wish your partner did, too

To be honest, you'd never given napkins a second thought, until you stumbled across an origami tutorial on YouTube. And now - well. Your OH was initially impressed by your attention to detail but now rolls his eyes whenever you show him a new creation, no matter how sharp you fold that beak. 

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#3 If you go somewhere that doesn't have WiFi, you start to feel irritable

There's a certain tightness in your shoulders and your mouth dries up. The drizzle of 4G you can just about access gives you a brief glimmer of hope but even that doesn't last long enough for you to upload something to Instagram. Without WiFi, how are you supposed to access your Pinterest board if you have a sudden fit of wed-spiration? And what if you need to message a photo to your group chat and get your bridesmaids' opinions, ASAP?

It's the 21st century, guys. How is this acceptable?   

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#4 You're slightly concerned one of the bridesmaids has blocked you on WhatsApp

What does that one tick mean? Why can't you see when she was last online? Is this because you muttered 'stupid cow' - you were feeling hangry, okay? - under your breath when she said she was too busy to help you with more swan napkin origami?   

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#5 You have to keep reminding yourself you're staying calm and non-stressed

This is most effectively done, you find, by repeating the mantra: "I am staying calm and non-stressed". 'You only do it once!' everyone keeps telling you, helpfully. 'Enjoy the experience!' You nod, thanking God this is a one-time thing as you don't think your nerves could handle doing it again. 

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#6 Your mum keeps reminding you that the day is more about the committment you and your partner are making to each other...

Which is really sweet and all but not really useful when all you really want is her opinion on the three pairs of shoes you've narrowed down for the first dance. 

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#7 People are starting to recognise you

The post man greets you by your first name - that'll be all those decoration deliveries that keep turning up - whilst your local newsagent refers to you affectionately (you hope) as the 'crazy wedding lady' after the time you made him swear on his first born's life he'd save you a copy of Wedding Flowers & Accessories. (Why stress, sister? You can download it whenever you like here!) It's cool though. Kind of like being a local celebrity, right...? 

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#8 Your work colleagues have asked the IT guy to disable your computer speakers

So what if you want to listen to your reception playlist, on repeat - and so what if it largely comprises of epic '80s power ballads and Justin Bieber dubstep remixes? Your desk buddies should be feeling #blessed to listen to the soundtrack of your love story. Why they don't look impressed when you tell them that is just baffling. 

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#9 You regularly look at your diary and ponder what you did with your life before you began wedding planning 

Did you even have a life? You're not sure. Hazy memories of drinks nights with the girls and going out for dinner with your boyfriend lurk but you're not quite convinced they ever actually happened.

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#10 When people joke about you being a bridezilla, you laugh

Albeit in a slightly high-pitched and robotic 'ha! Ha! Ha!' kind of way - but hey. As long as you show you have a GSOH, they won't suspect you're currently fantastising about taking a Sharpie and crossing their name off the guest-list. 

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