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10 trends for your groom to incorporate into his wedding style

10 trends for your groom to incorporate into his wedding style

Written by Katie Byrne

While the black tuxedo will always be the quintessential wedding outfit for grooms, there’s absolutely no need for a man to limit himself to this when he’s tying the knot...




#1 Make it more relaxed 



In the past few years, grooms fashion has seen a step away from traditional formal wear and towards a more relaxed style.


This is a big relief to many men, who feel a lot more comfortable on their big day in something they’ve picked up from the high-street rather than a totally formal suit.


Why not soften the formality of a suit with some casual touches like rolled up sleeves and a slightly loosened tie knot? While you’ll probably want to be looking as sharp as possible during the ceremony itself, you can add your own personality into your wedding attire by loosening up a bit and getting a bit more casual after the nuptials are over! 


#2 Go for interesting colours and textures


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In less formal ceremonies, don’t be afraid to be bold in your colour choice, ditching the traditional black for blue, brown, grey, or even something totally attention-grabbing, such as pink or green!


The choice entirely depends on your groom’s personality, and if he enjoys pushing the fashion boundaries in his day-today life, then he’s likely to want to on his wedding day.


Similarly, if he maintains a more subtle personal style, he’s more likely to prefer a more sedate wedding suit. Your groom should go with whatever he feels comfortable in and he feels expresses his personality, as long as it stays within the realms of formalwear. Discover some on-point textures and style suggestions from quintessentially British brand, Chester Barrie


#3 Match it to the venue


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If you’re keeping it classic and getting married in a church, then you’d be ill advised to wear anything other than traditional tux. However, if you’ve chosen a more informal venue you may look out of place dressed up too much.


For the best effect, your groom should match his suit to the venue. For example, if you’re tying the knot in a quirky venue like a converted barn or windmill, you and your groom may want to go for a vintage style for your wedding attire. 


#4 Match it to the season


Image source; image source


Another thing to keep in mind when you and your groom are choosing your outfits for the big day is when the wedding is taking place. If you’re having a summer wedding, a linen suit in a pastel colour will look great, while a thicker suit in a tweed or herringbone will be the perfect choice for a winter ceremony...


We love the current tweed offerings from Cad and the Dandy


#5 Match it to your dress


Image source


Think about the style of your dress when choosing your groom’s outfit. If you’ve got your eye on a perfect vintage dress, then you may have to convince him to go vintage with his suit, while if he’s adamant that he’s walking down the aisle in the classic black tux, then it will probably be best for you to go for something traditional as well.


There may have to be some compromise between the two of you here, but it’s definitely recommended that you synchronise outfits so you match each other when you walk down the aisle. 


#6 The three-piece suit


Image source.


If your future husband wants an outfit that will stand the test of time when you look back at the photos from your big day, then he won’t be able to go wrong with a three-piece suit in a neutral tone.


No matter what the season, or what you choose for your own outfit, this timeless classic will go with just about anything.


P.s. Thomas Pink do a fabulous three-piece suit. 


#7 The shoes



A great way for your groom to express his personality is through his shoes. He can keep it classic with a pair of black Oxford shoes, or maybe go for something a little but different with some brown brogues or a pair of patent leather dress shoes.


Charles Clinkard stock formal men’s shoes in wide variety of styles, and they’re sure to have something that suits your groom’s tastes. 


#8 The lapel


Image source


Another perfect way for your groom to put a personal spin on what may be an otherwise orthodox wedding suit is through his choice of lapel decoration.


The classic boutonniere is a red or pink rose, but there’s no need to limit yourself to these? Take a look here for some inspiration for a something a bit different. 


#9 The tie



An often overlooked element of any suit, the tie is in fact crucial to the overall feel of men’s formal wear.


Play it straight and sophisticated with a classic black tie in a Windsor knot, or go for something a bit more playful with a vibrant colour and an uncommon knot. If your groom really wants to push the boat out, or if he’s going for a vintage look, go for a bowtie. 


#10 The accessories



No matter whether your groom is going for a formal or a casual look, he shouldn’t be afraid to accessorise.


There are endless ways to add a splash of colour and personality to even the most traditional suit through a pocket square, a watch, a belt, the socks, or a pair of cufflinks. There’s only one rule when it comes to accessorising. Make sure not to go overboard by only choosing a few unusual pieces, or else your outfit could end up looking disjointed and thrown-together. 


Keep these pointers in mind when you and your groom are choosing his suit for the big day and he’s sure to be looking his absolute best when he walks down the aisle...  

groomswear inspiration 10 trends for your groom to incorporate into his wedding style

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