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Pre-honeymoon budget hacks - 14 ways to save at the airport!

Pre-honeymoon budget hacks - 14 ways to save at the airport!

Written by Katie Byrne

Heading off on your honeymoon soon? It's all-too easy to fork out a fortune at the airport - but here's how to save those precious pennies...


The team at Promotional Codes share their tips for avoiding an expensive pre-honeymoon airport experience - prepare to save those precious pennies with the help of these ideas! 

#1 Ask for water on the plane

Don’t fork out for bottled water on the plane. If you take an empty bottle through customs you can ask your air steward to fill it up for you on your flight.

#2 Park on a driveway

If you’re driving to the airport, ditch the pricey car park and check out locals’ driveways. Many rent them out for holidaymakers to leave their car there for a few days at a much more competitive price.

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#3 Do your research to avoid baggage charges

You’d be surprised by how much hotels will provide for you, so make sure you do your research before cramming in your hair dryer and extra towels.

#4 Weigh your bags at home

It’s not worth risking it so plonk your suitcase on some scales to weigh it before you go to avoid any fees.

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#5 Buy snacks before you get to the airport

Dry snacks like crisps and biscuits can be taken on the plane so stock up before you’re roped into expensive airport offerings.

#6 Don’t be afraid to ask for free things

If you’re holidaying to celebrate a special event like a wedding or birthday, tell the airline staff. They may be willing the upgrade you for free. If you’re travelling alone it’s easier to upgrade you too so it’s always worth asking. The worst that will happen is a polite no.

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#7 Invest in a portable charger

Airports do having charging points but they are always very busy and often you can’t get a seat next to the outlet so you have to leave your phone unattended. Get a portable charger and save the hassle.

#8 Skip the taxi

When you arrive at your destination within sociable hours, don’t just hop in a taxi but check out public transport options as well. If there’s a metro or bus service that will definitely be cheaper than a cab.

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#9 Download Google maps offline

If you’re on a phone contract with limited data or that charges more for use abroad, download all the maps you think you will need before you set off. Screen shot them then you can use them as you please when you’re away.

#10 Check currency rates in advance

Try not to leave it to the last minute to get your cash for your holiday. Getting currency converted at a better rate will save you a fortune so do your research sooner rather than later.

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#11 Book somewhere with breakfast included

Paying that little extra for breakfast may be worth it. If it’s buffet style you can stock up for lunch to save you spending more money on that.

#12 Fly red eye

If you don’t mind travelling late at night, book a red eye flight. Not only will it be cheaper but also the airport will be quieter at that time meaning shorter queues and less stress.

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#13 Pack a child’s car seat for free

If you’re going to be using a car with your little on whilst you’re on holiday, you’ll need a car seat. Most places charge on average up to £5/per day to hire but you can avoid this by just taking your own. Most airlines will allow this in addition to your luggage and you can even use it on the plane.

#14 Speak to your bank and credit card providers

Some branches don’t charge for transactions abroad but some do or will shut down your card if they think there’s suspicious activity. Give them a call before you go to let them know and they should be able to advise you on the best way to pay while you’re away.

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