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Five thoughtful ideas for your wedding flowers

Five thoughtful ideas for your wedding flowers

Written by Katie Byrne

Put a little consideration into your big-day flowers with these sweet ideas...


#1 Go faux if one of your bridal party suffers with hayfever

If one of your bridesmaids or ushers endures terrible hayfever each spring, handing them a bunch of freshly-cut blooms on the morning of your April wedding probably isn't the most considerate thing you could do. Make sure you find out in advance if any of your bridesmaids or ushers do suffer with a pollen allergy - if so, give them a pollen-free alternative and remind them to take anti-histamines on your wedding morning.

There are plenty of alternatives - think paper flowers, felt blooms and bejewelled bouquets... To kickstart your ideas, watch our tutorial to find out how to make a gorgeous paper wedding bouquet!

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#2 Gifting your mothers floral arrangements? Save it for AFTER the wedding

Whilst a stunning bouquet of flowers for the Mother of the Bride and Groom might feel like the perfect gift - don't do it! Bringing the gift to your venue will mean that a) you will need to find a way to keep it watered and safe until the handing over of the gifts and b) your mums will then have to do exactly the same, until they take it home with them (presuming they remember, of course - which hopefully they will!).

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Instead, save the flowers for when you're at home and they can be easily handed over. If you've got your heart set on a floral thank-you, give them a hand-made voucher for their gift, which can be handed over during the speeches. 

#3 Give your bridesmaids somewhere to store their bouquets

This is great not just for your bridesmaids - but also for their flowers! Not only will it give your 'maids a bit of freedom, it will also allow the blooms to get some much-needed hydration, as well as a break from being bashed and carried around the venue.

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#4 Same goes for floral accessories 

If your bridesmaids are wearing a flower crown, or if your ushers are wearing an extravagant buttonhole, give them the option to remove it for a bit. This is especially important if you're getting married on a hot day: ushers will be likely to remove the suit jackets their buttonholes are attached to, whilst floral garlands will probably start to feel rather uncomfortable.

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Feeling generous? You might even want to offer to take the blooms home with you and press them, as a sweet post-wedding gift for your nearest and dearest.

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#5 Allow guests to take home floral details

Create tablecentres that can be deconstructed and turned into favours - or, more simply, tell guests they can take home any arrangements that catch their eye (within reason). This will hopefully save any flowers with a bit more life left in them yet - alternatively, arrange for a pick-up to take them to a local hospice or charity so they can keep people smiling, even after your big day.  

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