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7 things to avoid when planning a hen party

7 things to avoid when planning a hen party

Written by Katie Byrne

In charge of organising the hen? How exciting! Make things simpler for yourself by following these simple guidelines...


#1 To begin with: skip certain times of the year

For example, you might want to skip the whole month of January, as everyone will be broke and miserable (*woo*). Similarly, December might be key to avoid too - and if you're planning a summer celebration, opt for off-pick if possible as it will generally be quite a lot cheaper. 

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#2 Make sure you don't forget who the bride is...

No, we don't mean literally ("Wait - I thought you were Becky, not Sarah!") - rather, don't overlook her personality. Similarly: don't plan your dream hen do - for the simple reason that it's not your hen! 

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#3 Steer clear of being a cliché

Feather boas, L-plates, faux veils, novelty straws et al are great - in small doses. Filling the party with endless tat and tacky decorations will cheapen it, no matter how elegant and sophisticated it is otherwise. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course. *casual judgement face*

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#4 Don't involve everyone at every stage

Too many cooks and all that jazz - also, it'll keep things a bit more interesting for the hens if they don't know every single detail of what you've got planned. If you need help organising, enlist the services of one or two others, max. 

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#5 Avoid leaving things until the last minute 

Stay on top of all the details as-and-when, rather than leaving it until the last minute to start chasing people or pinning down activity timings. Whether you're planning a weekend overseas or a night out in your home town - plan ahead, book as early as you can and be upfront with guests about costs from the off. Easy! 

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#6 Don't think tricking the bride will be funny

Surprises are great, of course; but putting her in situations that she'll find embarrassing or upsetting is more mean than #magicalmemories. Keep it fun - and don't forget to let her know if there are any specific items she needs to bring (such as a bathing suit, or Wellies). 

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#7 Don't forget to overlook who's attending 

The bride's party-loving little sister will probably be up for an all-night tour of clubs - but her octagenarian grandmother will probably not be quite so keen...

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