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9 products you didn’t even know you wanted on your wedding gift list

9 products you didn’t even know you wanted on your wedding gift list

Written by Katie Byrne

Because there's so much more to it than just saucepans - here, the team at Prezola share their must-adds!


When someone says wedding gift list, there’s a few images that pop into your head - fancy tableware, new bedding and photo frames being the most popular. Some couples use this opportunity to gain new gifts that they otherwise wouldn’t buy, while others feel it’s the time to refresh home accessories and replace those budget decor buys from their student days.

Here’s nine products that you probably haven’t considered adding to your wedding gift list, but we know you’ll love!

1. Cuisinart Waffle Maker, £60

There’s nothing quite like the smell of waffles in the morning, and hopefully you’ll still be in bed while the other half makes them! Whether you’re being healthy with protein waffles, or indulge on the weekends (with lots of syrup!), this gadget will be your new best friend. 

2. Braven Lux Portable Bluetooth Speaker, £89

This little beauty can play music from your phone and be taken to any room in the house, played at parties in the garden or barbecues at the beach. While you’re washing dishes in the kitchen or relaxing in a bubble bath, this speaker is right there with you. Nothing can get in the way of your singing now!

3. Jo Malone Candle, Peony and Blush Suede, £42

Yes, a candle. Jo Malone London offers a great service of ‘scenting your wedding’, wood tones for a forest wonderland or peony for a blush colour-theme, it’s powerful and works really well. Carry this scent into your home and forever be reminded of memories from the best day of your life.

4. Cox & Cox Lights Festoon Starter Kit, £45

This is rather “Pinterest” to have festoon lights around the garden and we can picture the late summer nights of food and drinks around the firepit. The ultimate must-have for parties, these lights will really wow your guests.

5. Garden or House Deposit Fund

It’s not all about the Honeymoon Fund (though Prezola also has that covered), you can add a fund for almost anything like a new garden revamp, camper van fund or that house deposit you’ve been trying to save for. Guests will be more than happy to help contribute to your new life together, so don’t be shy when asking for money. Find out more here!

6. Trivial Pursuit Master Edition, £39.99

Board games are the ultimate activity at dinner parties, and they’re a brilliant excuse to spend time together without phones or technology getting in the way. Bound to end in arguments but great fun nonetheless - add this classic to your list here.

7. Bold & Noble Illustrated Letter £35

A major staple of modern weddings, having your first initials and an ampersand is a really romantic home addition that guests will love to buy. Alternatively, you can spell out other words like ‘HOME’, ‘LOVE’ or a personal favourite, ‘EAT’ - see Bold & Noble's full range here.

8. Bombus Ten Bespoke Location Map Hexagons, £175

Bespoke gifts are a great way to commemorate something that is only special to you, and they’re always the first gifts to be bought on a list too. These map hexagons show places that are special to you, whether they’re memorable holidays, where you met or where you were married.

9. Virgin Balloon Flights Romance package for two, £309

Experiences are a great gift for a couple that will be remembered forever. Even if you’ve added home accessories to your gift list, an experience is the perfect way to spend time with your other half, and something to look forward to after the wedding excitement has gone down - find out more here.

Create a wedding gift list for free with Prezola - click here to start building it today! 

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