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This couple's Alice In Wonderland themed wedding is INCREDIBLE

This couple's Alice In Wonderland themed wedding is INCREDIBLE

Written by Katie Byrne

Like, really. Take a trip down the rabbit hole and fall in love with this stunning celebration...


It's the classic topsy-turvy fairy tale - and this couple decided to take their love for Alice In Wonderland to the next level by theming their entire wedding around it.

Polish couple Natalia and Rafael Kurzawa looked to Lewis Carroll's story when planning their celebration, which took place in April.

Following a traditional ceremony at a church in the Polish city of Wroclaw, the pair and their guests enjoyed a Mad Hatter's Tea Party - complete with top hats, mix-n-match teacups and a white rabbit.

They couple even let the book influence their wedding day style, with the bride wearing Alice-inspired black-and-white striped tights, whilst groom Rafael wore a top hat and vibrant suit.

The couple first met four years ago, and settled on the Alice theme for their celebration as there was a copy of Alice In Wonderland lying on the bookshelf next to their table.

"From that day on, we decided to 'go down the rabbit hole' together, and we haven't looked back since".

Adds Natalia: "Alice In Wonderland is magical, evocative and unforgettable, making it the perfect inspiration for a wedding, in our opinion".