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Five things you MUST remember for your seasonal wedding

Five things you MUST remember for your seasonal wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

Whether you're marrying in spring, summer, autumn or winter, we've rounded up the essential points you must remember before you say 'I do'...


Getting married in SPRING? Make sure you remember...

- Stock up on cheap umbrellas for any unexpected spring showers.

- Pollen counts can be high - and hayfever can be debilitating - so check with your bridal party for pollen allergies and look into faux alternatives to your bouquets and buttonholes if needs be. 

- On the subject of flowers, think seasonal: there are endless gorgeous species in bloom in the spring months, ideal for picture-perfect (and budget-friendly!) arrangements. 

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- Have SPF on-hand in case of a surprise scorcher.  A warm spring day can easily turn into a cool evening, so if there's an outdoor element to your celebration, make sure blankets are available, too!

- Heel protectors will prevent shoes from sinking into April-shower-drenched grass - and after all, clean heels are happy heels! 

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Getting married in SUMMER? Make sure you remember...

- If you're setting a dresscode, consider the fact it will most likely be - fingers crossed! - warm, so specify attire accordingly in order to guarantee a comfortable experience for your guests.

- Check what the air-con sitch at your venue is in advance, and if needs be, invest in some AC units to keep temperatures more bearable. If that's out of your budget, gift guests favours of mini hand-fans, which can be bought in bulk for very little. Also! Remember that metal furniture will heat up and get unbearably hot for guests to sit on - so remember to ask if cushions or covers are available to make it more comfortable.

- Talk to your venue about where the shadiest areas of your outdoor reception are; alternatively, tables with plus-size umbrellas should help keep people out of direct heat. Similarly, discuss this with your photographer, too, in order to avoid any squinty wedding pictures. 

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- Feet swell up in hot weather, so to guarantee a full dancefloor, provide guests with cheap flip-flops that they can change into at the reception.

- Consider your bridal look: that flower crown? Not a great idea, as it will wilt in the heat. Prone to shine? Pack blotting paper. Glossy curls can turn into a frizzy mess if the heat turns humid - and a spritz of your favourite perfume can result in a day spent being followed by a steady stream of insects.

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Getting married in AUTUMN/FALL? Make sure you remember...

- An autumnal wedding is a theme in itself: think rustic log details, fallen leaves, flickering candles and more for low-fuss and high-gorgeous! Similarly, make the most of any outdoor areas at your venue when it comes to your professional photos. 

- If you're wearing a floor-skimming gown, pick comfy shoes - boots! - that can easily navigate muddy ground, damp grass and puddles.

- Similarly, avoid a wedding dress with a train: it will get dirty really easily.

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- The last of the summer sun might hang around for the day-part of your celebration, but make sure you've got plenty of warming accessories on-hand for you and your guests in the evening. 

- Serve up comfort food: autumn is synomonous with endless yummy dishes (think jacket potatoes, toffee apples, comforting soups...), so think traditional for cosy-cosy grub your guests will love to devour. 

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Getting married in WINTER? Make sure you remember...

- Send out your invites with plenty of time to spare. Winter is a hectic time of year, so make sure you give guests lots of notice so they can get your date on their calendars as soon as possible.

- Pick a fabulous bolero, throw or wrap to keep yourself warm. Even if you're wearing a sleeved gown and plan to be indoors all day - we guarantee you'll feel the chill! Make sure your man picks his warmest suit; he might even want a scarf and gloves for any outdoor photo opps.

- Serve up hot drinks - whether it's hot chocolate or glasses of hot toddy, if it's warming and wet, they'll love it!

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- Think festive with your details and decorations: glitter, metallics and tartans are all brilliant for conveying the seasonality of your celebration, whilst foliage, pinecones and berries will all add wintery wonder to your tables.

- Remember that it will get dark EARLY. Plan accordingly - for example, get your professional photos taken outside as early as possible (even before the ceremony, if needs be) and fill your venue with pretty lighting in order to keep things gorgeously illuminated all light long. 

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