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Wedding DIY: botanical ring bearer

Wedding DIY: botanical ring bearer

Written by Katie Byrne

Botanical is a popular wedding theme right now - here, the team at Dawanda show how you can create one for your own wedding day!


Botanical themed weddings are a big thing in 2016! Make your own embroidered leaf ring bearer - it's delicate, pretty and unique. Daria from DaWanda and the blog Kittenhood shows you how easy it is to make. 

Difficulty: Beginner

Time: Under 3 hours

You will need...

- Small embroidery hoop

- White fabric

- Green embroidery thread

- Embroidery needle

- Scissors

- Paper and pencil

- Green ribbon

Start by gathering the materials for the project. The embroidery hoop should be small, about 10 cm in diameter. And don't forget the rings!

Drawing the design

You can start by drawing the general outline of the branches on a piece of paper. When you're satisfied with the result, transfer it to the fabric. It is easier to do that when the fabric is set nicely and sturdy on the embroidery hoop.

Cut a piece of embroidery thread and separate a single thread. Put it through the needle, fold in half, and knot the ends together.

How to do a backstitch

For the branches, you will sew a simple backstitch. Start from the bottom and work your way upwards. Pull out the needle through the fabric. Make a single stitch backwards. Then pull the needle out again one stitch forward, following the outline you drew. Bring the needle into the previous hole, and so on.

How to make a Lazy Daisy stitch

To make the leaves, you will use a variation of the lazy daisy stitch. Again, start from the bottom and work your way up. Make the leaves on one side, then continue on the other side. Pull out the needle in a spot on the branch.

Insert the needle back in the very same hole, without pulling the entire thread. Leave a loose loop of thread, the size of your leaf. The leaf should be oblique, not horizontal, so arrange the loop accordingly. Bring the needle out at the desired length of the leaf, keeping it inside the loop. Pull the entire thread.

Poke your needle just outside of the loop, very close to where the thread was pulled out. Your first leaf is ready!

Finished embroidered leaf

Continue working like this until all the branches have leaves. Don't worry if they're not all perfectly equal: neither are real leaves!

Attaching the ribbon

Cut a piece of ribbon and sew it next to the leaves, as pictured above.

Attaching the rings

Put the rings on each side of the ribbon and tie in a bow. Cut out the excess fabric on the back or sew it together for a neat look.

You're done!

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