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7 ways to scent your wedding reception

7 ways to scent your wedding reception

Written by Katie Byrne

From candles to confetti, use blooms as a way to bring floral fragrance into every element of your big day


Scented stationery

Introduce the scent of your wedding with your invitations.You could use a floral perfume you love, a familiar fragrance such as roses or an aroma that will be associated with your wedding. The best way to scent your invitations is to place a couple of cotton balls, fragranced with a few drops of your chosen essential oil, inside the box with them a few weeks before they get sent out.

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Scented stationery needn't stop at your invitations; continue the theme throughout the day by adding the same floral essence to your order of service booklets, favour tags and even your guest book. When you flip through the guest book after the wedding, the fragrance will transport you back.

Fragrant cakes

Along with smelling heavenly, herbs look beautiful too. A handful of fresh lavender sprigs and circlets of rosemary look particularly good around a naked wedding cake to add a rustic, fragrant charm.

They can also be added in the cake batter itself to create a fabulously aromatic sponge which is a delicious variation of the classic Victoria sandwich.

Infused drinks

Add a soft scent to your reception drinks and spruce up some simple cocktail recipes by incorporating edible flower petals or fresh herbs. Many flowers, from violets to orchids are edible.


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Rose water and petals can be added to a classic martini, hibiscus is a fantastic pairing with sparkling wine, and whiskey pairs exceedingly well with chamomile flowers. For a stronger fragrance, use a wooden spoon to press down on the flowers before adding in the rest of the drink's ingredients, this will help to release their scent.

Essential oils

Essential oils are a great natural way of adding fragrance to your big day. On the morning of your wedding, have an aromatic bath by adding a few drops of essential oil to the water. Not only will it smell amazing, but there are other benefits too. For example, lavender has relaxing qualities, while chamomile and jasmine are known for soothing pre-wedding nerves.

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Petal confetti

Dried rose petals make beautiful eco-friendly confetti, which the flower girl can strew before the bride as she walks down the aisle. They're also perfect for guests to toss over the married couple. But confetti is not just for throwing!

Sprinkle petals over the reception tables, use them to decorate cupcakes and scatter them on the floor. Every time you or your guests step on them, they will release a gorgeous scent. We can't think of a prettier way to make your wedding smell even sweeter.

Aromatherapy candles

When Kate married Wills, she chose to fragrance Westminster Abbey with Orange Blossom candles, imbuing the atmosphere with a soft scent and a romantic ambience.

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Consider placing your favourite floral scented candles around your ceremony and reception, but remember to check with your venue first as some do not allow naked flames. For the best fragrance, make sure the candles are lit three hours before your guests arrive, allowing enough time for the scent to develop around the room.

Bringing scent into your venue also comes with the benefit of pretty opportunities for décor. Fill a glass bowl with petals and a scented candle for a table decoration that looks and smells gorgeous. We love this pretty table decoration by Shropshire Petals.

Lavender sachets

Fragrant, memory-evoking herbs can be a sweet addition to your wedding. If you love the scent of lavender, there are many ways to incorporate the fragrant plant into your big day. Lavender sachets can be placed in the bag with the bridal gown before the wedding to keep mustiness away and to envelop the bride in the scent. The sachets can also be tucked into the ring bearer's cushion, which can later be used as a memory-holding pillow for your bed.

Images: Sarah Seven; French Made; Shropshire Petals.

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