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10 reasons to book a winter wedding with Milsom Weddings!

10 reasons to book a winter wedding with Milsom Weddings!

Written by Katie Byrne

Are you a bride-to-be dreaming of faux fur covered shoulders as you wander down a snow-swept aisle? Then a winter wedding at Milsoms Hotels is for you! 


We spoke to Milsoms Hotels about why brides-to-be should head to their luxurious array of wedding venues for their winter-style big day...


'Most people come and see us in the hope of holding their summer wedding with us here at Milsom Hotels and a lot of the time they haven’t even considered a wintery affair because summer is often just the done thing!




However, we have some fabulous options for the winter season within our venues so here are our top 10 reasons why you should consider holding your nuptials in winter with us... 



#1 No weather worries


So, we all hope it isn’t going to rain on our big day so the photographer can get those photographs we've always dreamed of and we can all overindulge in delicious canapes and champagne on the lawn!


But, in the end, we all know that England sadly doesn’t share the same climate enjoyed in Southern Italy in July for example.


So, why not eliminate the daily sundances, sleepless nights and crossed-fingers by going against the grain and booking your wedding in the middle of November! Cold and wet weather is the norm so if it is dry then that’s just a bonus…and if it snows then you really are lucky!


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#2 Save yourself some money!


Weddings aren’t cheap, and if you want to do it with all the bells and whistles often expected then the cheque book tends to take a bit of a hammering with deposits flying our left right and centre.


At Milsom Weddings we are possibly one of the few venues whom class the whole of winter (including December) as off peak – which means you already make a saving on the venue! (We can just picture your Dad breathing an enormous sigh of relief, plus that's more money for the honeymoon fund!)...


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#3 The cosy factor


The River room at one of our venues, Le Talbooth combined with our other close-by venue, Maison Talbooth are the perfect intimate winter wedding venues.


With gorgeous, glowing wood burners and open, crackling log fires your guests can escape from the chill of the outdoors and enjoy the cosy atmospherics. Opt for mulled wine or mulled cider to offer up alongside your champagne for the drinks reception and think winter warmers for the wedding breakfast - our suggestion? Try the spectacular beef Wellington for the perfect winter feast!


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#4 Colour schemes


We've seen it all over the years but some of our favourite colour schemes stem from the colder times of year. Just picture your wedding featuring these these glorious autumn shades or even this show-stopping white winter wonderland! Just beautiful! 


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#5 Embrace the darkness


Whilst July weddings boast the longest day of the year, what they don’t benefit from is the opportunity to get some gorgeously romantic snaps outside.


All of our venues are lit up beautifully in the evenings and you can even go the extra mile hiring in fairy lights for that extra bit of sparkle. The longer nights also mean you won’t be having your first dance in daylight and everyone will be ready to hit the dancefloor!


We just suggest booking your ceremony early enough in the day so you do get that window of opportunity for some beautiful pics in the daylight too... 




#6 Party spirit


When considering a festive wedding, everyone is truly ready for a great party. This just adds to the atmosphere of your special day. Plus a lot of guests may have booked time off over Christmas meaning a mid-week wedding could be possible and more affordable! #GENIUS 


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#7 Seasonal highlight


So, admit it, you've already been to six weddings already this year and they were all between May and September. Yours is the only one in the diary for the winter which means you aren’t competing (or being directly compared) with everyone else for unique ideas. Your guests are no longer weary of weddings by the time yours’ comes around and everyone will be up for a good party again! 


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#8 Pick of the dates


A winter wedding isn’t for everyone but this totally plays to your advantage when arranging your date with us. You'll probably be able to get your pick of the dates especially if you aren’t after a long engagement and are looking to get a date in the diary with less than a year’s lead time.



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#9 Honeymoon


Whether you're after guaranteed sunshine or guaranteed snow - this time of year has plenty of options for your post wedding chill!


Whether it’s the sought after Maldives you want (we're dreaming of lying on the sand for two weeks sipping cocktails too!) or the adventurer in you that would prefer an extended skiing break in Canada, there's something for everyone!


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#10 Milsom Weddings


We have three very different winter venues to choose from; Le Talbooth, our fine dining flagship with its Tudor beams and cosy wood burning fires which caters for up to 80 guests, the Maison Talbooth, complete with 12 luxurious bedrooms and ceremony options catering for up to 65 and our newest addition: the Hanger at Kesgrave Hall. Which is perfect for the ultimate large party or to create your very own winter wonderland catering for up to 250 guests.' 



Sound good? That's exactly what we thought! For more information on Milsom Weddings click here


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