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What I held in my wedding bouquet, by 17 real-life brides

What I held in my wedding bouquet, by 17 real-life brides

Written by Katie Byrne

These real-life brides talk us through their bridal bouquets - and how they chose them!


Rainbow brights

As held by: Kimberley, when she married Rosston.

"We really wanted fresh, bright and modern flowers, but didn’t mind which type. So, with awesome suggestions from Jodie at Flowerjam, we chose a mix of pink ‘Kate’ David Austin roses, electric blue delphiniums, yellow craspedia, cornflowers, gloriosa, orange dahlias, clematis and pink stocks."

 Hayley Savage Photography

Something blue

As held by: Deborah, when she married Ollie.

"Ollie wanted a blue suit so we knew this colour would feature heavily in the wedding. With this in mind, we decided that blue delphiniums would be included in all of our floral arrangements. We loved their height and shape. Orange was the perfect bright colour to complement the blue so we opted for orange dahlias in the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids posies and buttonholes."

Steve Barber Photography 

Autumnal influences

As held by: Amy, when she married Andrew.

"Orange soon became our go-to colour thanks to our stationery. So while we opted for plenty of pops of vibrant orange so our flowers stood out, we still wanted them to be seasonal. We achieved our look with lots of autumnal additions, as well as thistles to nod to Andrew’s Scottish heritage."

Photography: Heather Shuker

Pastel prettiness

As held by: Nicki, when she married Rob.

"We had avalanche roses, delphiniums, nigella, lisianthus, gypsophila, 'Mentha' and garden roses, scabious, astilbe, brunia, dahlias, hydrangeas, carnations, thlaspi and populous foliage in our floral décor. Shrinking Violet did a fantastic job. We weren't too fussed by what flowers were used, we just wanted a natural feel with a subtle, wild look. Our flowers perfectly complemented our palette too, and they really brought the aisle to life."

Photography: Julia & You

Simple luxe

As held by: Beatrice, when she married Carl.

"We wanted to complement our natural location with simple décor, but added in a touch of romantic luxe with our flowers I held a bouquet of 'Vendella', 'Esperanza', 'Sweet Avalanche' and 'Tineke' roses in white and pink hues, alongside gypsophila and acheveras, while her maids carried smaller posies."

Photography: Rensché Mari

Vintage roses

As held by: Jenna, when she married Dave.

"For my bouquet I chose David Austin Roses in peach. They were absolutely gorgeous and the groom’s button hole matched my bouquet. I went for David Austin Roses as they were the first flowers Dave bought me, and I’ve loved them ever since. My bouquet was very simple but had a vintage look to it. I adorned it with gorgeous charms in memory of loved ones who are no longer with me – they were not only the perfect memento, but made for the prettiest accessories, too."

Photography: Emma Boileau 



A royal influence

As held by: Jessica, when she married David.

"I knew I wanted pink and cream flowers and I had a selection of roses and anemones. Fabulous flowers are responsible for the floral arrangements. I absolutely loved my floral crown and felt it made a real statement. My bouquet was truly beautiful; I opted for a cascading bouquet as this has more of a vintage look and again had the wow factor. I took a photo of Princess Diana’s bouquet and asked them to make something similar."


Photographer: Neil Hanson

Peony-led prettines

As held by: Charlotte, when she married Neil.

"My bouquet included peonies, David Austin roses, gypsophila, roses, ranunculus, freesia, and asparagus fern. I wanted seasonal flowers in fresh feminine colours to complement my ivory dress."

Photographer: Anneli Marinovich 

Wild and colourful

As held by: Anywn, when she married Myrrdin.

"My bouquet featured my favourite hydrangeas, plus 'Artemis', 'Quicksand', 'Sweet Avalanche' and 'Nautica' roses, dahlias, delphiniums, craspedia, astilbe, snowberries, phlox, myrtle and rosemary. The most important thing for me was that the flowers looked wild and colourful, and smelled fabulous - the rosemary added an amazing scent to the bouquets!"

Photography: Ann-Kathrin Koch 

Rustic and delicate

As held by: Hannah, when she married Ollie.

"Our florist created the most beautiful display of flowers I have ever seen – I still can’t believe the sheer beauty of them. My bridesmaids and I had gorgeous floral crowns and bouquets that were what my dreams were made of. We had a combination of delicate, yet rustic flowers, including David Austin Roses, sweet peas, nigella and flowering mint."

Binky Nixon Photography 

Fragranced foliage

As held by: Chrissy, when she married Adam.

"I was relaxed when it came to my bouquet and gave my florist control after showing her my Pinterest board. She created a posy of peonies, garden roses and succulents – it smelled amazing!"

Melina Wallisch Photography 


As held by: Julia, when she married Matthieu.

"For my bridal bouquet, I chose thistles, craspedias and hydrangeas as I wanted a variety of flowers and plenty of colour!"

Photography: Marion Huerteboust 

Romantic and summery

As held by: Emma, when she married Jon.

"Being an outdoor celebration, we wanted a warm summer feel to our day. So we chose a palette in soft pastel pinks and creams with complementary flowers, opting for blowsier blooms like garden roses to enhance the romantic summery vibe we wanted to create."

Photography: Julia and You 

Sentimental names

As held by: Holly, when she married Mike.

"I knew straightaway that I wanted Euphoric Flowers to arrange our flowers. I worked closely with our florist and we compiled a moodboard using Pinterest; it really helped when choosing our colour scheme.We also used included lisianthus, scabiosa, lavender, roses, freesia, succulents and veronica. I wanted a good mix of different flowers and definitely wanted to include veronica, as that was my nan's name – it was really lovely to have a small piece of her with me on the day."

Photographer: Cotton Candy Weddings

Romantic and muted

As held by: Victoria, when she married Ben.

"My flowers were predominantly David Austin roses, hydrangeas and eucalyptus as I love the wild feel all of these flowers possess and their romantic, muted colours."

Photography: Jo Hastings 

Seasonal shades

As held by: Claire, when she married Steve.

"For our flowers, we wanted to a romantic look with some ombré to complement my dress. We avoided green to keep the tone rustic and seasonal, so we used autumn leaves, a variety of roses and chrysanthemum blooms."

Photography: Kerrie Mitchell 

Just-picked pretty

As held by: Caroline, when she married Garry.

"For our flowers we wanted an understated, clean, country feel, as if the flowers had been picked en route to Jimmy’s Farm. We visited a wonderful local florist who completely understood our vision!"

Photography: Paul Andrews 

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