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7 things that will make you change your mind about wedding gift-lists

7 things that will make you change your mind about wedding gift-lists

Written by Katie Byrne

Decided you don't need a wedding gift-list? This will probably change your mind...



#1 You already live together - but that doesn't necessarily mean you already own everything you need want

Whilst the old cliché of already owning all the 'pots and pans' you could possibly require generally rings true, that's not to say you and your partner already own everything you want for your home. Setting up a gift-list gives you luxury of picking items you might normally consider too extravagant or unnecessary - without having to feel guilty about prices or practicalities.

#2 Asking your guests for honeymoon donations doesn't have to be excruciating

If you would rather ask your nearest and dearest to chip into your honeymoon, there's no need to feel embarrassed! Prezola has a rather clever way of making this less obvious: donations are labelled as a 'romantic beach dinner for two' or 'a chilled-out spa afternoon', meaning that your guests can help you have the honeymoon of your dreams - without the 'we'd rather have money than gifts...' moment of your nightmares. 

#3 Giving your friends and family a variety of options when it comes to making the choice will mean all budgets are covered

Picking products or experiences that cover a wide spectrum of price ranges will mean your list can appeal to all your guests - without anyone feeling intimidated or under-inspired by what they can choose from. Price-points on Prezola range from £1.99 for a Mason Cash peeler to £1,825 for a divine OKA rug. 

#4 You can actually receive gifts you want

It might sound terribly ungrateful but think about it - what's better than picking presents you actually want*? Prezola makes it a breeze, with products searchable by brand and genre. Plus, they have fantasy gift-lists compiled by various well-known faces, for an added dose of inspiration.

*Though we can't promise you'll receive a basket of puppies, which, let's be honest, is what everyone wants really.


#5 Worrying about who gave you what = a piece of (wedding) cake

You don't need to fret about making a list as you open your gifts; if you put your gift-list together with Prezola, they'll provide you with a list of who gave you what. (So you'll have no excuse to not send out those thank-you cards on time!) 


#6 Chill: setting up a gift-list doesn't cost a fortune

In fact, it doesn't cost a penny if you do it with Prezola! Whilst there is a one-off fee of £39 if you're asking for honeymoon extras, everything else is free. Seriously. What's not to love?

#7 You can make charitable donations on your gift-list

If you have your heart set on benefitting a cause close to your heart with your wedding gifts, Prezola can help. With charities including Cancer Research UK, RSPCA and Age UK (plus many more), it's a no-fuss way to ask your guests to donate to them rather than to, er, you. Wonderful! 


Start your Prezola gift-list here

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